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Blossom: Here Brick. I bought आप chocolate.

Brick: Thanks Blossom. Sit.

Blossom: Ok. (sits)

Brick: Uh Blossom. (opens chocolate)

Blossom: Yeah? (takes a chocolate)

Brick: I want to be your boyfriend.

Blossom: आप already are. (kisses his cheek)

(the both not knowing, Berserk comes in)

Berserk: What are आप doing with my Brick!?

Blossom: Berserk! What are आप doing in my business?!

Berserk: Brick, why?

Brick: Because आप are a phycopath. आप are bossy, mean, and terribly crazy!

Berserk: But आप कहा that Im pretty!

Brick: That was before i saw Blossom.

Berserk: Why does Blossom have to ruin everything! (runs off crying)

Blossom: That was stupid. Oh I have to go घर now. Bye Brick. (kisses him)

Brick: Later Blossom.

(Berserks House)

Berserk: I will get my revenge, Blossom. Just wait.


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Blossom: Buttercup! WHAT ARE आप DOING?!

Buttercup: (stares at them in shock) Why are आप even here?!

Bubbles: We wanted to see आप but instead of playing ball, आप were चुंबन this guy in green.

Green guy: My name is Butch. We just met each other and...... we liked how we played and..... I कहा that I like आप to her and we looked if any one was around and we kissed.

Bubbles: Awwwwwwww!

(this Blue guy just comes in)

Blue guy: Butch, we have to g- woooah who is this blue chick?

Bubbles: Uh, Bubbles.

Blue guy: Well my name is Boomer.

Bubbles: Uuuh. (starts sweating)

Boomer: What?

Bubbles: (talks...
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 Your Watching PowerPuffTV!
Your Watching PowerPuffTV!
Blossom-That was an awesome date!
Bubbles-Maybe we should do it again!
Brick-Cum on!Its a मछली पालने का जहाज़, स्टू put dress!
Buttercup-I KNOW!!
Butch-I like u in da dress tho
Butch-HeYeah I Saiud it....
Boomer-I Guess.
Buttercup-GET BACK HERE!
Butch-Ok!*Runs into Buttercup and kisses her*
EveryOne Except Butch-OMG!!!!
Brick-That was a good 1.
Blossom And Bubbles-C-U-T-E!
Buttercup-UR NEXT!
Buttercup-*Chasing Bubbles & Blossom.
 Butch & Buttercup
Butch & Buttercup
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