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posted by alissamfehlbaum
Not everybody has the time (or maybe the stamp) to send in a secret to Frank Warren's PostSecret, but lots of people still need that release.

The PostSecret Spot is now accepting your secrets via फैन्पॉप email. It doesn't have to be artistic या deep. This is your chance to reveal something about yourself to the world. All submissions will be पोस्टेड on the PostSecret Spot on this Soapbox article.

To प्रस्तुत करे a secret, please send the image as an attachment to with the subject line “PostSecret Spot.” Keeping in true PostSecret tradition, all submissions are anonymous...
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Many people ask the same सवाल - but it is really that simple.

Post Secret is a website created द्वारा Frank Warren in 2005 that asks people to send Warren postcards with secrets written on them to be पोस्टेड anonymously for all to read. Warren describes it as a "group art project." The web site has become an Internet sensation, and Warren has received hundreds of thousands of PostSecrets. Send in your PostSecret postcard; what are आप hiding?

Here is a guide of how to send them to the website:

#1. Have a secret that आप want to share. The secret can be funny, sad, something quirky about you, something...
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