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Hello everyone, my name is Dee and I'm from Malaysia. I would like to write about why Portugal is my dream destination in युरोप since they won the Euro 2016! It such a wonderful country.


The Portuguese capital city, unlike many capital cities. Lisbon has full of village houses and it reminds me of my family trip to Catalonia, Spain. It is near the seaside and it is very unusual.

Holy Fatima

Although Famita is a pilgrimage city and I am not a Christian, I feel very awed whenever I go to a Holy city like Fatima. I will also pray for the world and I would like to thank God for the wonderful trip in the near future!

Thanks for Reading

Well, only these 2 cities that I am dying to go. Maybe I will visit some other parts of Portugal soon!
 Holy Fatima!
Holy Fatima!
posted by Sephisis17
Hi, guys! Most of आप know that euro 2008's coming (only two weeks left), and most of आप do know that Portugal is going to compete in this european cup edition. Therefore, Portugal needs support from their own people, and even from people that like the team, some of the players, या maybe just the country, and are not portuguese what so ever. So... the reason why I'm लेखन this soap box is because I wanna ask every user from this spot, portuguese या not, या anybody that might see this to support Portugal in its campaign through the Euro 2008.

Thanks and ....

...GO PORTUGAL... :)