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So there are over 100 new hidden/secret avatars added to pokemon showdown!! If आप want a list, या if आप want to know how to use them, then check out my video! :)
pokemon showdown
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This is wonder mail codes आप know when आप go on a mission and आप want an item या a pokemon on your team या just points this is to help आप आप mite wonder या not it depends go on the menu go on wonder mail then receive wonder mail then go on पासवर्ड here are passwords for red (And blue I think)
Red rescue team (And blue)
Joy seeds
Thunder wave cave Floor 1
1?89 C4F? 48?S
YQ?2 6466 R4?W

F??89 C40? 486X Floor 2
MQ?2 6?66 R7?W

1?89 C-+? 486X Floor 3
YQ?2 6466 R1?W

F?89 S3S? 4R7!
5H?N 6?6R R??W Floor 4

F?89 9-0? 497H Floor 5
?M?? 646R R7?W

Friend areas

Dungeon Frosty forest


0?2Y 71+? 4P?H Floor...
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