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 May in her Emberald outfit
May in her Emberald outfit
If आप haven't seen my poll,character of the month,I am going to do those और often.
So the character of october is May/Haruka from The advanced Generation!
I'll tell आप some information from wiki about May/Haruka:

May ('ハルカ Haruka) is a young energetic पोकेमोन Coordinator currently traveling through various regions and competing in पोकेमोन Contests. She started her journey traveling through the Hoenn region accompanying Ash and Brock, along with her little brother Max. When Ash and Brock leave for Sinnoh, she goes to Johto alone without Max. She appears in a few episodes of Pokémon...
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EG360 here! Sorry for the wait on this article, but I have been busy out of my mind >_< And wooh hoo! I have been waiting for a chance to write about Kris! Hope आप enjoy!

6th Place:
Kris (Crystal)

About Kris: There is absolutely no doubt that Kris is probably the most underrated female character in the main Pokemon games. This is mainly because Pokemon Crystal version was released in 2000 on GameBoy Color. आप know, that time where not all kids owned a portible gaming system (my first hand held gaming console was a Gamboy Advance SP, hense I haven't played Crystal either)....
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Number Name Type
001      Bulbasaur      Grass/Poison
002     Ivysaur     Grass/Poison
003      Venusaur      Grass/Poison
004     Charmander     Fire
005     Charmeleon     Fire
006     Charizard     Fire
007     Squirtle     Water
008     Wartortle     Water
009     Blastoise...
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 May and Max in the car. (Picture May in her Sinnoh outfit.)
May and Max in the car. (Picture May in her Sinnoh outfit.)
"Alright everyone! Into the car to drop आप two off for school!" Oh dad. Do आप have to announce it like आप just one the lottery? I clean my नारंगी, ऑरेंज and green outfit quickly with my hands. "Ok." I reply. My brother Max and I race each other to the maroon car but I lose. "Woo hoo! I beat-cha May!" Psshht. My brother is such a brag. "So what? आप better make that win last because I'll beat आप अगला time!" Max smiles deviously. "I'm sure आप will May." The गेराज door opens so the car can get out. My dad comes from the house door entrance. "Everyone. In the car." he tells us. I usually sit in...
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(add your own)

1. she is afraid of bugs and hurt caterpies feelings (tomboys like bugs)
2. she says Pokemon are cute every सेकंड (what tomboy would do that?)
3. She wants to खरीडिए everytime there is a store (tomboys don't care about shopping)
4. She wears dresses sometimes (tomboys never wear dresses)
5. She gets the cutie eyes everytime she see water या cute Pokemon (what tomboy would do what?)

No main girl on Pokemon are tomboys. Misty, May, Jessie, and Dawn are NOT tomboys. The only ones that are tomboys are Zoey and Iris (A little)
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