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a pokeball
प्रशंसक कला
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Source: S3 E17
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 Umbra, use Dark Pulse! Then follow up with Payback!
Umbra, use Dark Pulse! Then follow up with Payback!
Hey! कोक here! I'm gonna throw this at आप guys. I haven't done a पोकेमोन battle story in a long time. But anyways, let's go!

P.S. it might have a couple curse words. Not a lot tho.

"Can't keep up, Manuel?" says Tyler वैन, वान Berg, a young, black tough gun as he outruns his friend Manuel Marquezo.

Aura ran past us. She bragged, "Who's ahead now?" Aura ran faster as the trio headed through the canyons for weekend fun.

Manuel panted, "Damn *gasps* you." He collapsed on the ground crying. "You and Aura run too fast! It ain't fair!" *throws tantrum*

*helps Manuel up* "You do need to hit the gym."...
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 Dosen't he look handsome?
Dosen't he look handsome?
टिप्पणी दे below to name my गुलाबी mewtwo, he looks like.....
His body is white and his tail is pink. He has Green eyes and wears a तारा, स्टार हार and he has a सोना band on his left foot. He also wears a grey bandana on his head and wears black gloves.
Katoshi is also his friend and Katoshi is a pink, cute mew with green-blue eyes and warrior accessories.
Hope that help! Remeber...... give my mewtwo names till January 20!
About mewtwos:
My mewtwo is a mewtwo but there's something all about mewtwos!.....
It's body fetures and cool facts:
Mewtwo is a पोकेमोन created द्वारा science. It is a bipedal, humanoid...
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pokémon: let’s go
pikachu! and pokémon: let’s go
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