Poems Broken Mirror

Anne_Rebirth posted on Jan 02, 2012 at 03:30AM
Broken Mirror

I stare into the broken mirror... who is that girl?
She is so pale.. So... Broken
That girl can't possibly be me... Right?
"This mirror is cracked" I whispered
And the voice inside my head replied "Just like your soul ne?"
I am taken back by this voice, no. I am happy, right?
"Do not fool yourself girl- you know the truth" The voice rasped again
"Touch the mirror and you will see"
My body trembled as my fingers lifted slowly toward the broken mirror
I look at the broken girl, her fingers lifted with mine!
I gasp when my finger touch the girls finger.. We are one
"You see... You are nothing but a broken shell" The voice continued
"You are a shell of what you used to be. You are not happy"
My eyes filled with tears as this dawned on me
Why can't I smile anymore? As I continue to stare at my eyes as they flow clear liquid, I realize something more
"I was never happy" I murmured and at this, the voice chuckled
"You see now? I am never wrong darling"
I then felt something boiling under my skin and I raise my fist
There was no hesitation as I connected it to the mirror;
Shattering what was left of my broken mirror
Shattering what was left of my broken soul
There is no emotion as I feel the blood run down my hand,
I am no more. I a just as the broken mirror on my floor..


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