Poems The Aching Cold Finally Sets In

Anne_Rebirth posted on Jan 02, 2012 at 03:13AM
The Aching Cold Finally Sets In

I remember the first day of school
How excited I was to see you
It brought me joy to know we would be sisters once more
But soon I realized how wrong I was about you

The first few days pasted without a word
At first I thought it was torture from the world
Maybe we just had to find time for another
Then realization dawned that we had drifted from the other

My heart started to crumble deep in my chest
You were moving on and leaving me behind
Did you even realize the times I tried to talk to you?
I couldn't accept the fact that you Lied

But at the beginning I was in denial
I didn't want to believe we were pulled apart
Yet I saw the less we talked, the bigger you smiled
Did you even notice that pain that was laced in my laughter?

More days past and I became invisible
Everyday I wondered "What did I do wrong?"
I watched from afar and soon I could see
You had left me... for Them... Two ungrateful boys

I never forgot the day you said you wouldn't leave me for Him
But if that was true then why is He always with you?
While I was left with nothing but the aching cold
I wonder who you think would be more loyal to you

One thing always brings itself back in my mind
You would always call me your sister
You would always tell me you would never leave
But where are you now to tell me these things?

I loved you more than I could explain my sister
But not all that's left is a burning hatred for what you did to me
I used to tell you everything that went through my mind
Now I have closed myself off from the world- with you included

Your gaze never falls my way and for that I am glad
Mother says one day you will come running back
I doubt it seeing you pushed me away for your man
But see- the truth comes out- because I don't want you back!

I say good-bye now, and will one day say "I told you so"
Because I know soon enough that you and Them will be no more
Maybe this will teach you a lesson in love, about how right I was
But at this point I know you are out of my reach

I tried my best to protect you from harm
Tried to have you see how much He hurt you more than cherished you
Your heart wants love.. That I can see
But.... what about me?

You said it would never be like middle school where everyone left
But here you are, just like the rest
All you spoke were lies I was stupid enough to believe
I wish you would have just left me be

I am left in the dark, such a broken mess
Some days I think back, but then push my memories away
The more I think, the less you care, the more I hurt
In the end, it was all for nothing was it not?

This is all you get- you who I called "Friend"
I wish we will never speak again
For if we would, all my pain would pour out- leaving me weak
One day I will forget you, just like you did me
Always remember though, it was YOU who left- Not me...

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