Poddo About Bangali(My Country DUH!) Languege (Click for the Updated Version :D)

poddo posted on Mar 01, 2009 at 07:04PM
Ok then,
1st I'll show you Words (Example: Here, Then, When, How, Who)
Ami = Me
Akash = Sky
Aam = Mango
Abar = Again
Ashbe = He/She will come
Ashe = He/She Comes here
Ajke = Today
Ashole = Realy
Alokito = Lighted

Biral = Cat
Barbar = Again and Again
Bashi = Flut
Bhoe = Fear
Basha = Home
Bhasha = Lenguege(Sry for wrong Spelling)
Bowu = Wife
Barri = House
Bari = Hit
Bashee = Almost Rotten(Food)
Boori = Old (Women)
Boora = Old (Men)
Beshi = Too much
Boro = Big


Dak = Call(Yelling while calling or telling some1 to come whom is near you)
Desh = Country
Dorja = Door
Dekhi = See(Only used when talking about yourself, Example: I See, Let me see ect.)
Deo/Dao = Give
Dhora = Touching
Deem = Egg
Doll = Team
Daroaan = Gurd
Dori = Rope (Only used in Villeges, Sry for wrong Spelling)
Dori-fal = Skiprope
Den = Give me(To Elders)
Deo = Give me(To ppl that are smaller then you or simmiler to your age)
De = Give me(To smaller ppl, By Being Sweet to ppl that smaller or simmiler Age to your Age, And to lower class ppl)
Dhoi = Washing
Dhow = Wash it
Dho = Wash it(To ppl that are smaller then you, simmiler to your age, Lower class then you)
Dhakka = Push
Dari = Beared
Deen = Day

ANd I'll write MORE later :3
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