Poddo ......................*Sniff*

poddo posted on Feb 24, 2009 at 07:53PM
You know what?
When I went to School for the 1st Time,
I got some friends,
After a few days,
Every1 (Incuding Teachers) were jalous if me!
They were sooooooooooo jalous coz I have lota stuff n' I can Speak English better then any of em :'( :'(!
No1 likes me there (Any School)!
Then My Family (Mom n Dad) got reeally angry and pissed off bout it!
So every1 thats in a lower class then me hates me! :( >:'( >8'( WAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So my Mom n Dad though They'll teach me!
My Mom n Dad are SUPAH TELENTED! So I'm continuing my prosses on that, No School! If I need any sertificits I can just Buy one! They are Buy-able here! And if in derssprete need I'll just Stuby Privet (Study Home and do the Exams and Send theme or go there and take the Exams) :D D: I'm so Happy yet Sad!!!!!

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