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here are some cheats of TMNT the first game.
this cheats are checked and they work.

here are the cheats
alternate costume

sound effects:SMMRS
unlock splinter for story:MSRLS

Well there they are.now i'm going to write
down how the costumes look like

leo:ninja suit (sort of)
raphael:biker suit
sorry the others i don't now couse those are the only turtles i choose

if आप have any trouble ई मेल me apok
here im going too write down all scarface the world is yours cheats.this cheats arecheked and they work.

first while playing pouse the game then select cheats then write down the name of the cheat you're going to use.now here are the cheats


well thats all i have now here are some hints of what they do (sorry i don't now them all)

rainy:it will start to rain
ammo:gives आप full ammo of any बंदूकों & even ready
grenades of the machin gun
medik:it will refull your health bar

if आप have any problems just ई मेल me apok