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posted by rosemina
Have आप ever wondered what was happening before the era of Photoshop, whereas all the चित्रो are edited, all mistakes are erased and then we see this perfect result in spots and magazines?Well, before this era there was a magician, named Gil Elvgren, one of the most important artists of the 20th century.
Relying only on his abilities and a black and white चित्र of each model, this man transformed the pictures to pieces of pure art. He added colour and created beautiful colourful images, many of which were used in product advertising.
Have a look at his talent:

(I have only translated this लेख in English. Original लेख in Pinnokio.gr)
posted by vider69
I know I have कहा that I wouldn't make another spot for at least six months and certainly not another 'art spot' however I was looking for some चित्रो of pin up girls for one of my other art spots and realized 'in my opinion' that pin up girls are a work of art in their own right.
I प्यार the mix of vintage and modern art so I created spot number twenty one, 'Pin Up Girls'
So far I have found a lot of content and hope to add as many प्रशंसक pick questions, तस्वीरें and whatever I can find for this new spot and I hope that some of आप like it, I'm confident that it will appeal to both guys and girls...
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