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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Don't hate me for this story. Just don't. Ever heard of the free will to write? Yeah.

As usual, the sun took hold of the दिन in Danville, giving warm rays of bright happiness throughout the whole Tri-state area. Though the morning was very misleading for today, the Flynn-Fletcher boys were hard at work, hammering down on the day's project.
With his eyes locked down on on the leaver, Phineas strapped himself to the rope and began to pull himself up higher and higher until he could reach the screw sticking out way above. He smiled approvingly as he spun it back in place, and even...
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The sun scorched down on the earth, burning roads and suffocating grass. It was one of the hottest days in Danville anyone could remember.
"Hey, Phineas!" Isabella peeped as she entered the boys' backyard. "What'cha doin'?"
"Hey Isabella," Phineas कहा as he sat up to face her. "Nothing yet. It's too hot to do anything."
It was a pretty hot day; almost ninety-seven degrees out.
"I know how we could cool down," Isabella said, smiling. "Who wants to go swimming at my house? We can invite over Buford and Baljeet too."
"Sounds cool!" कहा Phineas, getting up. "We'll meet आप at your house in ten minutes."...
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We प्यार the musical film Hairspray. I must warn आप if anyone lives in the USA and is watching, you'll notice that it's block in that country.
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Isabella woke up in the morning and put on her white t-shirt and then put her गुलाबी no sleeve dress over it. " Good Morning Pinky. How did आप sleep?" Pinky barks. " I guess आप slept good." Isabella ran downstairs and said, " Morning Mom! I am ready for breakfast." She ate her cereal and ran across the सड़क, स्ट्रीट to see her best friend and crush Phineas Flynn.She walked in and कहा her usual catch phrase, " Whatcha Doin?" Isabella goes into Phineasland:
"I do not know what I am doing. I can not do anything without you." Phineas turns into a centaur and says, " Let's run away together."
End of Phineasland...
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"Why aren't they coming?" Dixie asked, eyes wide with alarm. Phineas replied with a smile on his face"Candace is pregnant!" As the door rang Dixie bolted out the door knocking down Buford and running in circles yelling "YES IM GOING TO HAVE COUSINS!" and running back in the house running up and down the stairs in super speed up and down the halls until smacking her head into the दीवार and passing out but, in 5 मिनटों she is still up and running again."Why is she so happy?!" Buford asked "come"Phineas कहा leading Buford and Baljeet in to the living room. Soon Linda and Lawrence come down stirs...
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(This is from Isabella's point-of-view)

I stared wide-eyed at the sky. A small, floating disc was spinning in बिना सोचे समझे orders. For a सेकंड there it looked like snow(since it was snowing outside), but it was too dark to be snow. What is that thing? I should have really used common sense before I thought any longer, but that moment there I was almost positive that was an alien spacecraft. I could have sworn it was that for sure.
Sprinting downstairs and bursting out the door while thrusting my गुलाबी sweater on, I charged over to my best friend's(and yet crush's) house and exclaimed, "Have आप seen...
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