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posted by QTPie41184
I absolutely प्यार Ferb Fletcheer on this show. He is my प्रिय character and every time he opens his mouth, I प्यार hearing what he was to say. Here are all of the Ferb कोट्स that have been in every episode that has so far aired of "Phineas and Ferb".

Bold - The Ferb quote
(Italic) - An action during the scene
N/A - Ferb did not speak during episode

Isabella: Maybe आप can teach Perry some tricks.
Phineas: Well, he is a platypus. They don’t do much.
Ferb: They’re the only mammals to lay eggs.
Phineas: Maybe he’ll lay an egg.

Lawn Gnome समुद्र तट Party of Terror
DJ: Slather on your...
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