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At the breakfast table:
Emie: Heinz no संगीत at the तालिका, टेबल
Heinz:... *takes of headphones*
Olivia: Whats wrong Daddy?
Perry: I just feel like something bad is gonna happen...
Perry's watch rings and a Carl hologram shows.
Carl: Agent P we have a रिपोर्ट that*is breaking up*
A familiar voice comes on
Kiki: Hello Perry Emie
Perry and Emie: KIKI?!
Hyena-Bots break through Phineas and Isabella's new house where they live. Kiki's hologram turns off and she walks into the house.
Kiki: Emie Perry I see आप have a family now, *laughs* not for long! Hyena-Bots GET THEM!!
Perry slips on his...
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posted by MusicLover112
{Plzz Do A प्रशंसक कला Of Princess And Perry If आप Like The Couple}

~Perry's POV~ 
My watch rang and I saw that it was time for me to go to Major. Quietly and quickly,I slipped into the secret tunnel to the lab. When I arrived,I saw that Major and Carl were smirking. This couldn't be good...
Major:Hey Agent P! Carl:Guess what!!! Major:Carl! I was supposed to say that! Anyway,me and Carl scored a double तारीख, दिनांक with a grandma and her granddaughter. Score! Carl:Hey Agent P! Do आप have a girl in your life? 
I started to blush. No... I haven't seen a girl platupus in years! 
Major:Sorry about Carl's immature...
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posted by emisa123
Perry. Our प्रिय animal secret agent. Starring
on the दिखाना Phineas and Ferb, Perry is a pet platypus that doubles as a secret agent. He doesn't say anything because he is a animal. But in this case, actions speak louder than words. His owners don't know he is an agent and he always disappears each day. he fights a mad scientist named Dr, Doofenshmirtz.
In one episode, he was replaced द्वारा a different secret agent.
He has many different weapons and has his own catchy theme song.

What would we do without Perry the Platypus?