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 Percy total 'Unsure' Face
Percy total 'Unsure' Face
Annabeth had lay in the hospital बिस्तर wearily holding her and Percy's new born baby. She smiled as she looked at the small child in her arms gently.
Percy paced nervously in the waiting room his stomach felt like it was tied in knots he felt dizzy but he felt the urge to pace, his फ्रेंड्स and family were there waiting for the news his hands were shaking and Nico spoke up, "Percy...chill dude your over reacting..your gonna make yourself sick" Percy took a deep breath letting it out slowly as he replied, "sorry...i'm just nervous...its a new experience for me..." he cut himself off as the doctor...
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 the olympian gods
the olympian gods
हे everyone!!lets read the play story....

here is the विवरण of the characters

1)name:sky kent


god parent:hermes

weapon:a long celestial bronze sword which turns into a ring

looks:short black hair.bright blue eyes.tall. medium thin. mischievous look on her face.hates jewellery except for a ring and the camp necklace. likes to have fun and laugh.she always wears t-shirts.kinda tomboy.might get aggressive if आप hurt her loved ones.

hobbies:playing pranks on people.stealing peoples things and hiding it in someone elses things.likes playing some sports.cracking jokes!

extra:#connor and travis are her cousins.
#best friend is the person who will post next.
#everyone one likes her and she very fun to be around.
 not cool
not cool
this is my vision of a percy jackson truth या dare. this is in the middle the last olypien and 4 book.
     i do not own the percy jackson series, now on to the story.

percy's prov

    it was a normal दिन at camp half-blood i had just gotten back from my latest qust and was bord out of my mind, when travis strool came and asked me to come शामिल होइए them in truth या dare and i कहा "yha",i was thinking haw bad could it be, but boy was i wrong.

    when i got there annabeth was there along with grover, connor, clarisse, katie from the demeter...
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    Apollo Pov ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    A councle meeting was called... AGAIN. My big sister, Artemis, mumbles something. I do not ask what she said, she already thinks of me as noise. Zeus clears his throat. Dead sielence. "Do आप know why i called आप all here?" Everyone shook their heads no. "Well I was going to tell you, but try and figure it out on your own" They looked around. Artemis hand shot up, almost hitting...
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I'm so sorry that I kept all आप guys waiting. Here's number seven, i hope आप all think it's worth the wait.

He could tell I didn’t want to talk about it do he dropped it and quickly changed the subject.
“Back in the sick room, when आप were feeding me that stuff-“
“Ambrosia,” I told him. I suddenly had a craving for pudding, because sometimes that stuff really does taste like बटरस्कॉच, butterscotch pudding.
“Yeah. आप asked me something about the summer solstice.” Oh my gods. Did he know something that could answer my सवालों that everybody pretended not to know?
“So आप do know something?”...
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Someone stumbled out of the brush. I squeaked and snapped my fingers again, causing this unknown person to fly up into the air, hoisted upside-down द्वारा the ankle. At first I wondered if this guy was just extremely clumsy, या if he या she tripped, या what.
Okay, a little backstory of why I'm so paranoid. The war between Kronos and those monsters and demigods really got me scared of everything. I've been so scared that non-repentant demigods that were on Kronos' side might all of a sudden create a "Reformation-of-Kronos-Party," या some psycho monsters would revolt या something. End of story....
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    i moved my head just as the butt hit and pinned her up agenst a पेड़ i smiled and कहा " i win, wise girl." i let her go and she lookes at me and कहा " आप just got lucky seaweed brain." she huffed and walked away from me to camp. i coulden't just stand ther so i ran after her i grabbed her arm spun her around and wispered " see आप at the hermes केबिन for truth या dare." i smiled and walked away.


    we were sitting like we were the game left off, and annabeth...
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Percy P.O.V.
Just a quick warning demigod dreams really suck and I mean really suck take this one for example. The one that ruined my life:
I was watching a goddess (or what I thought was a goddess) walking down the समुद्र तट at camp Half-blood murmuring
“Too much order to much good needs some Chaos tip the scales”
Well if that wasn’t freaky enough it just got worse
She pointed at my केबिन and chanted throwing beams of light
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I was so mad I wanted to rip Zeus’s head off and feed it to Lycaon.

Am I confusing आप well sorry about that my name is Percy Jackson son या daughter now of Poseidon.

Daughter आप may ask well let me दिखाना you.


I was sitting at the समुद्र तट staring at the waves the giant war was finally over and I finally had some peace या so I thought. I was just chilling when there was a bright flash behind me. There stood my uncle Zeus.

“Lord Zeus” I कहा bowing.

“Percy Jackson I am sorry to tell आप this but I do not like आप nor do I trust आप as you...
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HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY GRACE! आप have now survived another half साल without being eaten द्वारा monsters या incinerated द्वारा an angry god या anything else that really doesn’t भालू mentioning. To celebrate that, and because I happened to be rereading PJO for the seventh time, I have compiled a सूची of every quote that relates to our प्रिय couple: Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase, या PERCABETH. Well, almost every quote. My sister managed to unmark almost every quote in Lightning Thief, but that was the book with the least amount anyways so don’t worry, every other book is और thorough. Here goes!...
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