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 (Potential Movie Spoiler) Fetch!
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Source: Penguins of Madagascar Movie
I actually thought that was pretty funny. Am I the only one? Yeah? Okay. XD
Fanpup says...

This पेंग्विन्स ऑफ मॅडगास्कर चित्र might contain व्यापार जिले, शहर, व्यापार जिला, and डाउनटाउन.

posted by penguinlover723
NOTE: Okay... This is my very first FF on the fansite so if I screw up... PLEASE FORGIVE ME!
Just some symbols...
Author's Note is in bold
Action/Scene is in italics
Thought Speak is with < & >

Part I: The Beginning
Oh! I forgot to mention that I won't give away the main character's REAL name until the end of the FF, THAT will be determined later...

I'm also gonna throw in a couple references...Just for fun :D

(A car pulls up to the Central Park Zoo...)
?: Here we go... (sighs)
(6 little kids run out of the car)
?'s Mom: आप kids have fun! (turns to ?)Now आप make sure आप keep the kids...
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Kowalski face flippered, "Now आप did it..."

~ Cowtails banged her head on the inside of the bubble, "you...don't...like...him...you...don't...like...h im..."

~ Skipper took a step forward. "yes...I...did..." He smirked, "come on, what आप got?"

Private dragged the other penguins behind the control board, "TAKE COVAH!"

Sweet Pripper cracked her knuckles, "BRING IT ON PECKER FACE!"

"I have my bets on Skipper since Sweet Pripper is a human.." Kowalski कहा slowly.

SP got out her chainsaw, " Your going to eat those words for your last meal..."

"I take it back.." Kowalski muttered.

"bring it on...IT."...
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posted by Cowtails
SP was sitting down flipping a coin, "Wait, what are we doing again?" She asked.

Kowalski face flippered. SP threw the coin down.

"WAIT! We are rescuing Cowtails!" She shouted.

~ "Do आप birds ever give up?" Blowhole scowled.

"apparently not, let's just find a new hiding spot. Remember, आप don't give up either..." Cowtails कहा with a sweet smile.

~ "she's still faking...hmmm...what should we do? Kowalski! Options!" Skipper shouted.

~ "come on Blowy let's go." Cowtails said.

"Alright..." Blowhole sighed, flying off.


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    Lorrie had become anxious. What the hell did मक्खी, ड्रैक, ड्रेक find that was so horrible that he couldn’t tell her on the phone?

    The apartment that she and मक्खी, ड्रैक, ड्रेक were staying in was only a few minutes’ drive from Central Park. Lorrie awaited on a park bench holding Kowalski in her lap. She didn’t bother with wasting time putting him in his cage.

    A cab pulled up at the side of the park a couple of मिनटों after Lorrie had arrived and मक्खी, ड्रैक, ड्रेक stepped out. After tipping the cabbie, he scanned the park, and when he spotted her, he paced...
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 Just the last role of Skipper on Denmark's ground...
Just the last role of Skipper on Denmark's ground...
> Now we realized if we're not alone here. We've लॉस्ट many relativity, Manfredi-Sergeant-Skjern-Leonov... everything done in fast and it just like they're called at once to the heaven so no one of them left alone in the world... no one except our Skipper. We hadn't anyone to ask left, only Hans who survived and Johnson is about to follow them... This night, Skipper will faced the real fear that he was leaved it for a long time... the lonely, and everything just leaved in one night so we will see... if everyone who passed out in this roman, was leaved Skipper... या took from Skipper... And...
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> Walking through the freezing snow and chilled storm without any aim या objective was just a worst thing to do for soldiers. Un-Cleared... Un-Offical... Un-Expected mission that lead Skipper and our relativity to his fate were just already started. Now... We got a clue, just find the Answer 'Who's the murderer' and 'What's all about' may be the meaning of all Sergeant's words... The mystery was just started... We're hiding to the north... and east... and then we see the red light after we walked under the shadow...

“Johnson right behind you, Manfredi…”
Ebsjerk, Denmark
22:22 PM: Cloudy:...
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posted by peacebaby7
Author’s Note: This is following the episode Roomies. Contains Skilene.

♦ ♦ ♦

    It was the अगला morning after the long night of tracking down the walrus-spy, Rhonda, and rerouting her टोकरा from the polar भालू reserve to the Hoboken Aquarium. While Kowalski tried to track down her टोकरा in hopes of getting his unnamed invention back, Skipper went over to Marlene’s to see how she was holding up.

    “Hey, Marlene. Everything alright?” Skipper asked as he entered her habitat. Marlene was sitting at her small dresser looking into a mirror, which...
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posted by sarah12499
 Not my artwork credit to maker
Not my artwork credit to maker
My first fanfic :D

Kowalski had just finished on the computer when he heard the door being opened. "What? Marlene should have been occupying Alice!" but to Kowalski's surprise it wasn't Alice, but a fox. Kowalski jumps under the डेस्क to hide "We don't have any foxes in the zoo." The लोमड़ी, फॉक्स starts talking in an earpiece "The computer is in here." Kowalski looks behind one of the legs of the डेस्क "What does she want with the computer. She's never going to get in." The computer pings access granted. "I stand corrected." As the लोमड़ी, फॉक्स is typing the door starts opening again and the लोमड़ी, फॉक्स jumps under the...
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Some people here tell me they can't draw, so maybe these tips can help a little. :)

1) What Are आप Drawing?
What I like to do is खोजिए up a picture of whatever I want to draw, and try my best to copy it, but I usually add something different like changing flipper poses या expressions. If I want to draw something that doesn't have a picture on गूगल या wherever आप खोजिए pictures from ie: Private holding a fishing rod, I खोजिए for a pic of Private and draw his flipper like he's holding something then if I can't draw a fishing rod, just खोजिए for a pic of one. :)

2) Colours
I'm sure you've...
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 “I think he’s premature Flipper, he’s very weak. If आप let this condition so on, he can’t be a good leader like you…” Flipper shocked when those words passed his ears “Sorry about that Flipper, but honestly he can’t pass the snow-storm th
“I think he’s premature Flipper, he’s very weak. If you let this condition so on, he can’t be a good leader like you…” Flipper shocked when those words passed his ears “Sorry about that Flipper, but honestly he can’t pass the snow-storm th
>> Well this part isn't important enough to read, but if u want, i might not deter...

“If आप can’t decide something logically, follow the conscience…”
Alexander Isle, Antarctic
05:22 AM: Heavy Snow: 22 July 1997

    It was a cloudy day, the sun hiding from its own sky. So, it was began his story, the man (sorry, penguin), Perhaps today he was still in the womb, but tomorrow he’ll bear… with the worst destiny that ever had द्वारा all penguins’ kind.
    Today 22 July 1997, a large line of female Penguins slide in rows just like an army who...
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posted by Number1SkippFan
हे this is my first fanfic so plz no hate! :)

That was one of the worst nights I ever had, I thought to my self, I need to get some help.

When I climbed out of my bunk I realized that none of my roommates were in their bunks, so I went out to the platform and saw them resting in the pool, they looked exhausted.

"Hey when did आप all get up?" I asked

"5:30" Kowazi told me

"Why that early? I woke up at 10:00" I said

"For training" Private told me

Skipper thought he really needed to slap Private for that, but he held his ground, he felt nervous and paranoid again.

"Training...well okay training, I need...uh,...
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posted by misscrazel
Sorry if it's not chapter five.
"Kowalski," कहा Skipper "were going to Dads house."
"Is that bad?" asked Kowalski anxiously.
Skipper nodded.

They arrived at a large house. It had a sign on the door that कहा TO BE CONTINUED

Sorry I'm sick of लेखन right now. I need to make this longer.
~~~,~~~~••••••••••• shaps. आप don't have to read this
posted by queenpalm
I won't be posting the "Our Story" on this club anymore. They will be in "The Penguin's Past (POM)" :-)


The men crowded towards Rico. They were getting awfully close. Rico wanted, and needed to jump off the boat, but the sides were too high.
"So much for saving my father," Rico mumbled. "Now I've endangered myself."
He backed up the wall, trying to get away. The men were really close, now. There was no getting away.
Just then, Rico saw a small, black ball come up over the side of the boat. It landed near his feet. The men took one look at the ball, and turned and ran the other way. Some even...
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Private's point of view:

"I can't  believe Alice threw us out of our own home!" I exclaimed.
"Well, believe it," Kowalski said. "It's happening."
"I feel so sad, yet again mad!" I said.
"Well your human now," Kowalski said. "Your stronger and taller, आप have fingers, and आप can kick a lot better."
"Kowalski, if आप told that to Skipper, he'd be begging आप to make him human!"
Just then, Alice threw two और people out of the zoo. I could tell right away that they were Rico and Johnson. Johnson yelled at Alice.
"Don't आप have any respect for your own kind!" he cried.
"I कहा stay out!" she yelled...
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posted by misscrazel
Abigail stopped चुंबन Kowalski.
"Ew," Rico said.
Skipper ran over and hugged her. "I missed you," he said.
Abigail pushed him.
Skipper fell on Rico. "Ew," Rico said.
Private said, "I'm confused. Can somebody tell me what's going on?"
Abigail said, "Skipper's my brother and Kowalski's my boyfriend."
"Why does Rico keep saying ew?" Private asked.
Rico कहा "ew" again.
"I have no idea," Abigail said.
Julien ran over and asked Abigail to marry him. Abigail pushed him into the pool.
Mort ran over and grabbed Julien's feet, and then they both fell in the pool. Then Skipper had to pull them out.
"Is that a yes?" Julien asked Abigail.
"No," Abigail said.
Julien started crying and walked stupidly away.
Kowalski went over and asked Abigail to marry him.
Abigail nodded.
"Ew," Rico said.
Skipper’s beak seemed to fall into the snow. Eve…was Alastair’s daughter? Why didn’t she say anything? How could she not tell him? The snow picked up again, blocking the view of Alastair and the chicks, rising high above the ground and swirling around them in another vortex of white. Once it settled again, Skipper and the owl were in a hut with a floor of snow. Alastair was sitting on a सोफ़ा, सोफे with a female पेंगुइन अगला to him; his flipper was around her in an affectionate, loving way. The two chicks were playing in the middle of the room; they now looked about a साल old, and Skipper...
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He was the one putting eye drops in just an घंटा ago!He’s taking the night shift the day he finds out Skipper was going to be fine! How could I have been so blind?!”

“Eve! Who are आप talking about!?” Private called after her, him and Kowalski trying to keep up with her fast pace.

“Manor! Gah! I’m such an idiot!”

“You’re not an idiot, Eve! I should’ve suspected, too!” Kowalski pointed out.

Once they arrived at the prison, Eve stopped and turned to them. “You two stay out here.”

“What?!” Kowalski and Private कहा simultaneously.

“I know my way around the infirmary;...
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"Beware of False Prophets Who Come Disguised as Harmless भेड़ But Are Really Vicious Wolves" - Matthew 7:15

Hey, peeps! Wazzup? To give आप as much as the spooky experience as I can, I have लिंक्स to themes from freaky movies.
Nightmare on Elm Street: link
Dead Silence: link
Halloween: link
There आप go, guys! Um just in case the लिंक्स just send आप to youtube, just type in the titles/title I wrote in the box and put in after it "main theme". If आप have any सवालों post them in the comments. I hope आप enjoy! ;) Boo!

Later that same day, Private laid in बिस्तर and listened to the rain pour onto...
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Day 3

Skipper paced back and forth in the narrow walkway. He’d look out the small window in the door, and he began humming to fill the silence. Hans started to get irritated. “What’s the matter with you? Are आप having a seizer?” He asked smart-allecky.

“No! It’s just killing me not knowing what’s going on!”

“So in other words you’re starting to go crazy?”

“In a way I guess.”

“Well don’t get your feathers in a twist we’ll be out of here द्वारा tomorrow afternoon.”

“Seems like years away.”

“What did Eve say to you?”

“All she was able to tell me is that my team...
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posted by Skiparah
It took only a few सेकंड्स for me to process her words before I realized she'd let go of my foot. In less than two सेकंड्स I hit the freezing water. I couldn't see..I couldn't breathe. You'd think a पेंगुइन would know how to swim. I hadn't really दिया it much thought up 'till now. My दिल nearly stopped when I realized I couldn't swim..and the surface of the water above me was getting further and further away. I paddled my flippers wildly trying to get to the surface. No use. I didn't make much distance and I was running out of what little breath I'd had in the first place. My lungs screamed...
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