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posted by Tressa-pom
A sunny दिन without training... We don’t know why Skipper let us do anything we want on this day. After our hard secret missions, we really need a holiday.
Scene 1 –HQ
Kowalski is in his lab, he trying to invent new inventions. Rico is watching TV. Private is पढ़ना lunacorns magazine.
Skipper: Boys, come here. We are going to get some snow cones. (Looking around) Where is Kowalski?
Private: He is in lab.
Me (Tressa): He invents new inventions that something turns into robot.
Rico: Uhh?
Me (Tressa): It’s not dangerous.
Skipper: Really?
Tressa: And… I must do something. Can I stay at HQ?
Skipper: Okay, Tressa and Kowalski stay there and we are going out.
They went out. Tressa continue लेखन the poem for Kowalski.
Scene 2- Park
Private: Skipper, is there a something wrong?
Skipper: Today is Kowalski’s birthday. And we’re going to buy gifts for him.
Private: Tressa?
Skipper: She has already had the gift for Kowalski.
Private: Do आप mean the love?
Skipper: What?
Private: Didn't आप realize that? Tressa loves Kowalski. But I'm not sure Kowalski loves her too.

KABOOM!Something exploded. And the HQ is burning.
Skipper: Rico!?
Rico: It wasn't me.

Scene 2- Zoo
Tressa: *cough* Kowalski? Are आप OK? *triying to walk* Kowalski? If आप are OK, please say something. * enter the lab* Kowalski? There is a shadow. It must be Kowalski. * come closer and touch him* Kowalski !?
Kowalski: I don't feel good.
Tressa:You ... आप turned into a robot!!
Kowalski: What?
Tressa: आप were triying to invent a invention that makes robot. Then it exploded. So...*cough* We must go out या we will burn!
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