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posted by Beckymarie
Pauley Perrette was born in New Orleans and moved several times as a child due to her father's job. She graduated college with Honours - receiving her Master's Degree in Criminology.

She tended bar in New York City while doing commercials, voice-overs, संगीत वीडियो and short films. She later moved to Los Angeles, and has since worked steadily in film, टेलीविज़न and voice-overs.

She was the lead singer in the band Lo-Ball
and is now in a band called stop making friends( one of there songs Fear will be on the एन सी आइ एस#Naval Criminal Investigative Service sound track).

Pauley Perrette's टेलीविज़न credits include "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,"...
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When she was 11, Carly woke up one दिन with a neck ache and within an घंटा she was being life-flighted to the hospital after she stopped breathing. Upon waking in the hospital, Carly found that she could no longer walk, could barely talk and could not हटाइए her arms and legs. Her doctors determined that she had suffered a blood clot in her spine that caused a severe spinal stroke, leaving her a quadriplegic.

In the years since her initial hospitalization, Carly has worked hard at various therapies and rehabilitation clinics to regain her abilities to talk, हटाइए her body and even walk with the...
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posted by Beckymarie
"Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service" (135 episodes)
... aka एन सी आइ एस#Naval Criminal Investigative Service (USA: short title)
... aka NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (USA: new title)
Yankee White (30 September 2003) - Abby Sciuto
Hung Out to Dry (30 September 2003) - Abby Sciuto
Seadog (7 October 2003) - Abby Sciuto
The Immortals (14 October 2003) - Abby Sciuto
The Curse (28 October 2003) - Abby Sciuto
High Seas (4 November 2003) - Abby Sciuto
Sub Rosa (18 November 2003) - Abby Sciuto
Minimum Security (25 November 2003) - Abby Sciuto
Marine Down (16 December 2003) - Abby Sciuto
Left for Dead (1 January 2004)...
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posted by 141516
Born March 27th 1969. She is a actress/writer she was married to coyote shivers from 200 to 2004.she then married michael bosman they had a simple wedding.All pauley wanted was to have people donate to her charities.she is a christian and she only cares about others and जानवर she has 2 बिल्ली and i think 2 dogs........................................Her mom died be for क्रिस्मस from cancer :(................she really has blond curly hair.she is 42 years old.She use to work at a bar befor she was a actress.