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Sorry this took so long. I got so caught up with Bella's Life! ^_^

I can see a look across her face, seeing that she wanted to argue with me. I was ready to defend my arguements, but Bella's didn't speak. But I will only change her under one condition... if she marry me. It makes me feel humored looking at her thinking and thinking about it. I was getting the impression that Bella wanted immortality और than me. This thought saddened me. But I held back the thought, hoping that she loved me as much as I did. Did she प्यार me less because I left her?

Bella's face turned और distressed. So I...
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Luv this song ^_^
Sorry आप guys, only one for today!

Bella's POV

Who's Jane? She does sound familiar though.
Oh... my undercover mom's name. Right. But this "Jane" doesn't look like the Jane I know. This Jane is smaller, almost childlike. I wonder where Jane is, but I will ask Tom later.

I can clearly see that she's a vampire. Have pale skin, glowing red eyes, glittering skin, just like me. Is she also a newborn?
"Hello, Jane." Edward कहा formally.
Why did he address her in such a formal matter?
Is she like a Queen? I think not. I held back a hiss. There MUST be a reason Edward sound like she was worshiping her....
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I miss लेखन soooo much! Sorry! School is getting ahead of me! ^_^

Chapter 16: Alliance

“Bella?” I called to her as she paused at the चोटी, शीर्ष of the porch steps.

She turned to face me as I jumped up the stairs to meet her. I took her into my arms again, चुंबन her once more. I let my lips convey just how much I loved her, no matter what happened later, and she responded enthusiastically. She seemed taken aback द्वारा the passion of the किस when we finally pulled away, but didn’t टिप्पणी दे on it.

“Let’s get this stupid party over with,” she muttered while staring at the ground.

I grabbed her...
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