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posted by SnowSpirit
Pascal. He is the hilarious little chamelon from Disney's Tangled.
Pascal doesn't say a word, but is just (or more) funny than the speaking characters in डिज़्नी history. The sidekicks such as Genie, Mushu, Grumpy, Phil, Sebastian, all talk, and, as funny as they are, a lot is from what they say. Pascal can't talk, as जानवर aren't supposed to, but he (and Max!) and hilarious.

Pascal is also really smart, he doesn't trust Flynn at the start (obviously) and he is also really stubborn. Whenever something happens that he doesn't like, he makes sure Rapunzel knows about it, and he also HATES being called a frog. Well, आप would too if आप were a chameleon. Also, Pascal is very talented, witty and extremly loyal. He's very encouragable and the best friend आप could have.