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Some girls have all the connections.

During a radio appearance on Maybee’s “Turn up the Volume,” Park Bom of 2NE1 received a surprise phone call during the दिखाना from none other than Lee Hyori. The sexy pop diva gave the rising तारा, स्टार helpful tips and hints on celebrityhood. Incidentally, the pair has known each other since the Samsung Anycall’s Anystar campaign.

And even after the radio show, Lee Hyori offered encouragement via text message to Park Bom. When Sandara heard about it, she complained on her Me2day that she also wanted a text from her idol Lee Hyori too.

Maybe mentioning that she wants to be और like Uhm Jung-hwa was not a good move.
Park Bom cries to Teddy over the phone

The morning of the 21st, Park Bom released her solo track, “Don’t Cry“, as her सेकंड digital single, and almost instantly thereafter, the song swept major online संगीत charts, thus allowing Bom to achieve her सेकंड ‘all kill’.

YG representatives explained today through a telephone call with OSEN, “Park Bom’s song was released online, and at around 1AM, she called Teddy, who produced the song, and burst into tears. The moment Park Bom had started crying, Teddy knew something was going on and took the call while surprised and nervous.”

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 Her trainer.
Her trainer.
The girls of 2NE1 are currently in Los Angeles, California. 2NE1 member Sandara Park recently updated her me2day with a चित्र of Park Bom eating corn. Many people thought that Park Bom was eating मक्का, मकई because of her diet but it seems that eating मक्का, मकई is actually a खाना that she shouldn’t eat.

2NE1’s trainer recently updated his me2day with a joke, writing: “박봄 ~ 난 니가 뭘 먹고 있는지 알았다!!! / Park Bom ~ I know what you’re eating!!!”

Along with the चित्र where he’s wearing a t-shirt saying no to corn.

If आप carefully look at the चित्र of Park Bom, आप can also see that she was eating a burger… which would draw the ire of the trainer even more.

Thanks to gumbee for the tip
 Park Bom eating corn.
Park Bom eating corn.