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posted by livi_wells
When I was 10, my grandparents had a cat called Sooty. Sooty was very old and one दिन had to be put down. Becasue my grandparents couldn't do it, my Dad took Sooty to the vet. I begged to come along and so he took me. I patted Sooty as she was euthanised.

That night I stayed at my grandparents. Because they didn't ahve a spare room I slept in the rumpus room. It was a room separate from the house. Sooty had a cat-flap so she could come and go as she pleased.

In the middle of the night, something woke me. I could hear the cat flap swinging. When I looked over, it was flapping in the wind as if something had just crawled through it. A few moments later, something jumped onto the sofa I was laying on. I felt a cat brush against my face, jump down from the sofa and back out the cat flap.

To this दिन I swear it was Sooty, coming back to tell me she was ok.

This was true. Pleas epost और लेखाए telling of your paranormal experiences.
posted by IsidoraSmiley
Ever since I turned 3,weird stuff has been happening...Yes,I was just like any other kid,happy,always having fun,but something has always been haunting me..At that age,my फ्रेंड्स would tremble if they're curtains moved in the middle of the night,or if they saw a shadow of the पेड़ on their दीवार - not me...Of course,I couldn't possibly remember all of this,I was told this द्वारा my parents! They say that I used to talk to myself sometimes...I'd just stand there, and talk...And,as I कहा earlier,I wasn't afraid of some monster under my बिस्तर of a ghost behind my curtain! At the...
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Forwarding from Dayna Smith Writes blog:
I grew up in a very religious family. To be specific, both of my parents were devout Catholics. I remember spending the majority of my youth in several churches गाना hymns, sitting in confessional, and receiving the Holy Eucharist, better known as the body and blood of Christ. Needless to say, I lived a sheltered life. I was to be in बिस्तर द्वारा 7:30 every night, I was banned from watching anything other than G-rated फिल्में and my parents had monitored closely who I was making associations with. As I became older and और independent, I felt that I was...
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posted by love_VA
Here we go again. With her crazy morals.

“We have to tell him, he has to know” Jace says.

“WHY? So he can freak out?” I say without looking at her, I can already sense her madness in the room no point looking at her.

"SO HE CAN KNOW!” Jace raises her voice this time; she shouldn’t do that not to me.

“Know what? That he is surrounded द्वारा demons, who have slight अगला to NO idea WHY?” I say gently, reasoning, but this calmness won’t last it never does, not when Jace is concerned.

We know he is special, I know why and I’m not about to tell these novice demons. They sometimes question...
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posted by randomfan243
when i was in the 4th grade my family found out that the previouse owner of our hose got murderd in one of our closets, his/her spirit stays in my house. since im the only one who likes ghost and want to see it, it doesnt दिखाना its self to me, but it bothers my family. it scares my brother द्वारा making noise in his room and turning off his tv. when my dad goes to work it climbs into बिस्तर with my mom which scares her vary mutch. one time it made loud banging when my mom was घर alone, because me and my brother was at school.
i dont know why it doesnt bother me, when im the one that is interested in it. my family calls me lucky but it doesnt feel that way. it's still with us even today but someday im ganna help it go on to the other side, because i think that it's trapped there, या have unfinished buisness.