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This track is beautiful, and it really shows just how much horrible and sad things she's gone through in her life.
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एंजल Don was born into a normal family, in a normal house, with a normal life. Though young she had to wear a hearing aid due to slight deafness in her left ear. Angel, द्वारा the age of four, loved science and anything in her backyard, including आग ants. Though being bitten and stung she loved them, her family, and her life.

Her almost perfect life was about to change. द्वारा the age of seven her mother had died of cancer and her father लॉस्ट in a gun fight, losing his life. Seven साल old एंजल ran away, fright of being put in an orphanage. There, she ran to her parents graves, side द्वारा side. Glowing....
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