वन ट्री हिल OMG,OMG!I read a spoiler that Dan is gonna try to किस Haley...

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OMG, OMG - That&# 39; s gross... She is married for his...
OMG,OMG - That's gross...She is married for his son...
He is sick, but I don&# 39; t think its true
He is sick,but I don't think its true
This can&# 39; t be true I&# 39; m sure
This can't be true I'm sure
I Hope it isn&# 39; t true - that&# 39; s a new low...
I Hope it isn't true - that's a new low...
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Its in the episode that Luke wrote.. this episode...
Its in the episode that Luke wrote..this episode is not similar to the whole oth
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Yeah but it&# 39; s like an AU episode
Yeah but it's like an AU episode
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