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I got really bored so here's just a little story I made up. As I कहा I'm really bored.
Season 7 Episode 1 'Touch me, I'm going to scream Part 2'.
Illumination came from the roaring आग within the marble mantlepiece surrmounted द्वारा a golden mirror.
Seven फ्रेंड्स plus a baby girl and a young boy were sitting in a various seats in the living room embracing the warmth form the आग and talking among themselves. The gang had decided to spend a week in Rachels log cabin. Luckily Rachel gave Brooke the keys after she left पेड़ Hill.
Lucas was holding Sawyer and pulling faces hoping to make her laugh....
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Okay, this is an alternate universe fiction.

Some things आप should know: Okay, as I कहा , this story is somewhat alternate universe. For instance, Jake and Tim are brothers, and Jake is dating Haley. Nathan isn’t, nor has he ever been an नितंब, गधा to Lucas and Haley, and is completely madly in प्यार with Haley, and she feels the same towards him, and has since the eighth grade. Lucas and Nathan are also real brothers, not half brothers. Karen and Dan are their parents. So, that’s just some stuff that hasn’t happened on the show, and won’t happen, since it’s alternate universe. Lol.
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Peyton Sawyer dropped a cardboard box onto the floor of her new home, sighing softly as it hit the ground with a thud.

She kicked at it with her foot while observing the house quietly. It was too big. She was just one person, and yet she knew there was at least one extra bedroom.

Why had she purchased it again? Peyton knew she could answer that सवाल herself. She’d always grown up in a large, empty house, why not do it again? Plus, this could be fun; decorating her own new swinging pad.

Right. Decorating her own new swinging pad द्वारा herself. Oh, she could just see the great times she’d have...
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Ok, so a BL प्रशंसक requested that I write an overview of Leyton's storyline from A to Z. Since I've already written many टिप्पणियाँ on this topic, I compiled some of them together and added from there. I'll probably संपादन करे it from time to time if I missed something या if someone thinks I should add something. I incorporated some quotes/scenarios to back up my claims of just why I प्यार leyton. This is their story:

Season 1

Though they came from two different worlds, they were incredibly alike. The moment they first locked eyes, Peyton fell in प्यार with Lucas Scott and his life had meaning from then on...
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BLP Triangle: My Opinion
Before I start I just want to clarify that I प्यार all three characters. I do not put the blame on any one particular character. I think that each of them are at fault at some point. If आप do not like my opinion या disagree with me please don’t argue just don’t read. Thanks.

Season 1
We all know that Lucas likes Peyton it is shown from the very beginning, but she seems not interested in him at all. She is an infatuation to him because face it आप can’t like someone आप don’t know. He doesn’t know Brooke yet because she wasn’t in the pilot. We see Peyton/Lucas...
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