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Spoiler Chat: One पेड़ पहाड़ी, हिल Scoop [12/21/09]



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Here's what it says:

when One Tree Hill starts back in January, Haley's sister Taylor comes back and brings someone from past episodes with her. If this is true, any clues you can give as to who it is? Lucas? Peyton?
Yep, that was here, and it is none of those characters but it is a boy. My source doesn't want me to say who yet, but it's someone's ex, and it's not a major character like Lucas or Peyton. I'll reveal it when this muzzle comes off!

Not much, but still, someone's ex? Any ideas?
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tvfan5 said:
UGH. I wish it were Lucas or Peyton.

I hope it's Jake (Bryan Greenberg). That would be EPIC.

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