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Brooke:”We are going to be a power couple! He is going to be a famous novelist, and I’m going to have a fabulous fashion line.”
Lucas:”But we are still going to have time to have a big family
Brooke:”Two boys, and a girl”
Lucas:”And I’ll coach little league”
Brooke:”Uu! And I’ll bake treats for the team, या buy them.”
Lucas:”And we will spend our summer in our समुद्र तट house.”
Brooke:”And winter in the southern France”
Lucas: “It won’t matter where we are, as long as we are together”

Brooke: “Isn’t that the thing couples talk about?”
Lucas: “So, what...
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 There's only ONE पेड़ पहाड़ी, हिल
There's only ONE Tree Hill
One पेड़ पहाड़ी, हिल hits it big time when it comes to the कोट्स area. Those are an important part of the show, in my opinion the कोट्स define it. One of the main reasons why I got stuck on this दिखाना are the voiceovers, the ones that we hear at the end of every episode...I have a personal collection of those kind of कोट्स and I've decided to अपलोड it, so everyone can enjoy it..
My all time favourite is the poem "Invinctus", which is heard at the end of episode 3x06"Locked hearts and hand grenades", voiceovered द्वारा Lucas..

“Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank...
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