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Chapter25 we reached LA 

Aaliya's POV: i was not feeling well so I rushed into the loo n started vomitting. After that I Dnt remember wat happened everything went black out. I woke up bcz of the bus it stopped vth a sudden push . I open my eyes and saw niall holding me in his arms while he is sleeping . I slightly kissed his cheecks n he wakes up . 
Niall: good morning 
Aal: well it's nt morning its 6:00pm so it's almost evening . 
Niall: Hw r u feeling nw 
Aal: in ur arms या about my Health 
Niall: both ( vth a sweet smile on his face ) 
Aal: in my arm I feel amazing n my about my Health I m better nw 
Niall: if u fell amazing in my arms then I should never leave u 
Aal: well I hv reached my stop so I hv to go nw . 
Niall: guess wat
Aal: ok wat 
Niall: I m staying vth u 
Aal: no u cant 
Niall: Alex already took permission for me from ur grandmom
Aal: awww that's amazing 
He चुंबन my lips n कहा " I प्यार आप " 
I kissed back n कहा " I hate आप " 
Niall: oh really let's see. 
He started चुंबन my neck n I felt like I was tumbling out of laughter 
Aal: Niall stop it 
Niall: nt until u किस me and say u प्यार me 
Aal: fine fine fine 
I किस his cheecks n say " I प्यार आप " 
Niall: wat I didn't hear u 
Aal: u did 
Niall: I want to hear it once more 
Zayn : if u प्यार birds are done so get down we hv reached aaliya's house 
Niall: we r cuming 
Aaliya: help me down plz 
Niall: sure 
हे took me in his arms n in a bridal way n helped me out of the बिस्तर n he didn't put me down instead he carried me into the house 
Aal: u can put me dwn nw 
Niall: Bt I  Dnt want to 
Aal: Bt u hv to 
Niall: I won't 
Aal: u hv to get bck on the bus n go to  ur apartment 
Niall: well if u forgot let me remind u I m staying vth u 
Aal: I hv told grandmom about this cancer 
Alex : well u can tell nw 
Niall: we both will be there to support you 
I Alex n Niall left the bus n headed towards my house. 
All: take care Aaliya 
Aal: bye eveyone 
Tess: Niall u better take care of my frnd 
Niall: Dnt worry Tess I vl . 
Tiffany : हे Aal do u want me to stay 
Aal: no I alresy hv two bodyguards I Dnt need a third one 
Tiff : if u need me I m at Tracy's house actually mom n dad is out of town . 
Aal: ohk bye nw 
Tiff: प्यार आप c u in the morning. 
Aal: प्यार u too 
Zayn : I प्यार आप too Aaliya a
Tess: wat about me 
Zayn: actually Aaliya is sick na so I was jst giving her sympathy . In reality I प्यार you 
Tess: awwwww 
Zayn : I प्यार u Tess ( he screams from the window ) 
Tess: I प्यार आप too zayn ( also screaming ) 
All: we knw that 
 I Niall n Alex rang the bell 
Aal: cn u plz plz plz put me dwn nw 
Niall: fine 
Aal: thnx 
Grandmom opens the door 
I hug her 
Aal: grand Maa I missed u soooo much 
Alex: हे grace Hw r u 
Grace was the name of aaliya's grandma 
Grace : oh Alexander 
Alex: call me Alex 
Grace : Aaliya wats wrong vth u dear u seem so thin it looks as if u hv nt eaten anything 
Alex: yep u r right grace she didn't eat anything at all 
Grace : who is this handsome fellow are आप aaliya's boyfriend 
Niall: I m Niall horan n yeah I m Aaliyas boy friend . 
Grace : I m grace nice to see that Aaliya found some one 
Aaliya : stop it grandmaa where crifi n creamy 
Grace : on their way 
Niall: crifi n creamy ????
Aal: u vl c them soon 
I go in the house n yell: crifi creamy where r आप . 

Niall'sPOV: I heared a bark n a meow from some where n all of a sudden a कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला n a kitten comes n hugs Aaliya. They were so adorable.
Alex: u never mentioned them 
Aaliya: well recently u didn't evn call up 
Alex: yeah sorry for that. 
Aaliya took both of them in ther hand n sat on the सोफ़ा, सोफे . 
Aal: granny I hv to say sumthing to u 
Grace : oh plz Dnt tell me ur pergnent 
Aal: no........ I m nt 
Aaliya hands me the kitten . Well she doesn't like me she starts scratching me vth her nails so I put her down so her climbs on Aaliya's lap again this time Alex took her n she didn't do anything .  The कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला that Aaliya was holding came to my leg n started climbing it so I picked it up n started cuddling vth it . While Aaliya was telling grace about her cancer. 
Aal: grace I hv stomach cancer. 
Grace : wat did u shoos the doc wat did he say . 
Alex explained everything to grace . Grace jst hugged Aaliya n कहा u will be fine n Aaliya कहा " hope so " 
Grace : Alex u vl be sleeping in the guest room n Niall n Aaliya can sleep in Aaliya's room . 
Alex: ok i vl take crifi vth me 
Aal: that's creamy 
Niall: then this might be crifi helping him like a baby 
Aal: yeah 
Crifi jumped from my Hand n landed on aaliya's lap . I helped Aaliya to get upstairs. N made her lie on the bed. 
I told her to rest while I was unpacking aaliya's clothes. When I was unpacking I saw the collection of t- shirts , jackets , blazers n rest. She had a good collection she had really खाना taste in fashion. I turn around to see her n she was fast asleep so was crifi evn I went to बिस्तर . 

At Tracy's house. 
Zayn's POV: Tess n Tracy were sisters we came to knw nw when we left tiffany n Tess at Tracy's house. 
We were about to leave when Shenali  evn went vth them . We all kissed our प्यार goodbyes n went to the apartment. Ruby was fast asleep so Liam carried her to her room. N soon we all went to sleep. 

Chapter 26 the morning . 

Tracy'sPOV: I woke up n woke the rest up . We all ate our breakfast n made our way to Aaliya's houses. 

Aaliya's POV: I knew tonight was the ball so I had to fell active. I got up at 2:00pm n saw Niall sleeping अगला to me. I got up climbed over him . 
Niall: aaah 
Aal: wakey wakey 
Niall: good morning 
Aal: good morning 
Niall: u got up early today 
Aal: yep 
I किस him on his lips n say nw get up I vl take u some where for breakfast today 
Niall: wat was that for 
Aal: it was for saying " I प्यार आप " 
Niall: then I should किस back 
Aal: y 
Niall: cz I प्यार आप too
Aal: yeah Bt I knw that 
He kisses my lips I pull back Bt he didn't let go . In between the किस he कहा " I प्यार आप और that y a long kiss" 
I pull back n say : let's go 
Niall: where 
I : It's a surprise 
Niall: ok 
I get my hoody n walk towards the door . We both go out n saw that all were still sleeping. So we left a note saying " back in 10 mins"  n I  we both leave the house Niall catches me द्वारा the waist .
I: there r ppl here they vl watch us
Niall: so let them evn they should knw that Niall horan from 1D has a hot gf 
Aal: common lazy head. 
We both enter my fav cafe खरीडिए the " paradise " as we enter . Greg greeted me . 
Greg: हे Aal wats up 
Aal: fine 
Greg : u vl hv ur usuall right 
Aal: as always 
Greg : and for tie fellow 
Aal: the same plz 
Greg : be there in 5 mins 

Niall'sPOV: we were waiting while a group of 5 teen girls came over n say " cn v hv ur autograph plz " 
I: sure 
N I signed their पुस्तकें n they went off 
I: we'll were r famous in LA 
Aal: totally . 
I: weren't u a प्रशंसक of us before 
Aal: honestly NO 
I: y 
Aal: Dnt knw 
Our खाना soon came n I saw 2 French टोस्ट n a नारंगी, ऑरेंज रस . I had my first bite n it was so Dam yummy . We soon finished our breakfast n went out . 
I: that was yummy 
Aal: it's my taste it has to be yummy 
I: we'll yeah u r sweet n beautiful n sexy n hot n jst perfect so everything u do या eat is indirectly perfect. 
Aal: let's go घर gradmaa would be worried 
Niall: yeah let's go. 

Soon we reached home. 
Tess'S POV: we reached aaliya's  house n saw a note on the तालिका, टेबल saying that Niall n Aaliya vl be back in 10 mins . We all waited for them n at last they came . 
I: where we're u guys 
Tiff: we hv been waiting here for hours . 
Aal: we went for breakfast . 
Niall: n it was freaking yummy 
Shenali: u mean paradise cafe 
Niall: yeah 
Tiff: we knw it's got the best French टोस्ट n नारंगी, ऑरेंज रस . 
Aal: Bt u all here 
Tracy : tonight ball
Aal: oh I forgot 
Tess : Did u buy something 
Aal: well I stitched 1
Tiff: I vl take that 
Tess: not this time last time she stitched it n u took it n u got the टिप्पणियाँ so this time my turn 
Tracy : no mines 
Shenali : I already took it 
Aal: I m nt done yet so I vl buy so no1 is getting that 1 
All: awwww
Niall: so that means shopping . 
Aal: yeah Bt I won't buy any 
Niall: y not 
Aal: well financial problem 
Tiff: I vl pay for u 
Aal: nt this time u always do 
Niall: Bo's this time I vl buy it for u n u won't say no 
Aal: Niall plz Dnt 
Niall: I m nt listening. 
Tiff: ok so let's go 
Niall: I can't come so u take this card n buy it 
Aal: where r u gng 
Niall: to the band we have some rehearsals today 
Aal: ok 
Niall kisses Aaliya n walks out . 
Tiff: that is so sweet of him . 
Tess: yeah I knw 
Aal: well he is . So nw let's go shopping 
Shenali: Hw r u feeling nw 
Aal: fit n fine 
Evn Alex got up 
Alex: हे good morning girls . 
There was a kitten on his shoulder n that was cramey . The kitten saw Aaliya n came dwn from his shoulder n went to Aaliya. Aaliya picked it up n hugged it . 
Alex: हे Aal dad sent some money for u 
Aal: y 
Alex : he always does 
Aal: yeah Bt this time Hw much 
Alex : some wat और than 2 lakhs 
Aal: u told him about the cancer 
Alex : had to 
Aal: wat did be say 
Alex: this money is for ur use n the carver treatment money he vl sent . 
Aal: oh k 
Alex: and wants u to do ur treatment in london 
Aal: I vl think about it 
Alex: well heres ur card. 
Tiff: oh my gosh u rich girl 
Tess: is ur family rich Alex 
Alex: well yeah 
Tracy : Hw 
Alex : I m the son of the world सेकंड्स richest man 
Aal: mr charlie Richardson 
Tiff: so y do u stay here 
Aal : cz I didn't wanted that life 
Alex: yep rich life suckssss 
Tess: हे we r getting late so we will talk later. 
Tracy : we will pick up ruby on our way 
Aal: good I vl return Nialls card to him evn .
Alex: c u girls. 

Haary'sPOV: I got up and went downstairs n saw Niall watching tv . 
I: हे buddy 
Niall: हे Harry 
I: hez Aaliya 
Niall: fine 
I: where is she 
Niall: gone shopping vth girls 
I: ok u ready for the rehearsals 
Niall: yeah we hv to leave in an hour. 
I: I vl wake everyone else 
Evn ruby got and she was dressed 
I: हे sis where u gng 
Ruby : gng out 
I: vth whom n where 
Ruby: vth ur gf n her frnds 
I: where 
Ruby : shopping 
We heared a car honk and we saw tiffany and the others 
Soon ruby went out n came bck in and throwed something at Niall . 
Niall: y did she return 
Ruby : she told u to call up 
Niall: ok 
I gave a flying किस to Tiffany n told them to have fun . 

Zayn'sPOV: we all were sleeping when Harry woke us up n we all got up and got dressed. 
I: where r the reharsals 
Harry: at some collage 
Niall: okay after the rehearsals we will शामिल होइए the girls 
Louis: great idea bro 
Liam: then let's hurry 
Niall: I vl be bck in a minute 
Niall went into the balcony n called someone while we all went to freshen up . 

Niall'sPOV: y did Aaliya return my credit card. I called up . 
I: हे babez 
Aal: hie 
I: y did u return the card 
Aal: well my uncle sensed me some cash so I m gng to use that 
I: ok so Hw r u feeling nw 
Aal: good 
I: we will शामिल होइए u at the mall after our rehearsals 
Aal: okay 
I: bye I. Hv to go प्यार you 
Aal: bye प्यार आप too 
I hang up n शामिल होइए the boys . Soon we reach at the collage it was big n cool. Soon we reached the hall and started our rehearsals n had some fun togather. We enjoyed n soon our rehearsals were over . 

Chap : 27 At the mall

Shenali'sPOV: we entered the mall n went to the first shop. We all decided to विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें up. I went into a खरीडिए and saw a cute tuni I decided to try it and it looked amazing. I buyed it and decided it to wear it tonight at the ball. Soon I buyed a lot of things n went to the खाना court to buy खाना I saw Aaliya n tiffany there. 
I: हे girls 
Tiff: did u buy anything 
I: yes n wat about u two 
Aal: we buyed something too
I: okay Hw many bags did u buy 
Tiff: 10
Aal: me 5 
I: me 12 
Soon Tess n Tracy came 
Both: her girls 
We: hey 
Tess: Hw many bags 
Tracy: me 10 
Tess: me 12 
Tif: me 10 too  she n Tracy did a high 5 so did me n Tess. 
We all were eating our snacks . 
Suddenly we heard some girls screaming " On my god On my god 1D"  we all were starring at each others face. We got up and leaned down . We saw the boys climbing the stairs.  We returned to our seats n told the waiter to add और 5 seats they waiter did as we told him . 

Zayn'sPOV:as we entered the mall the teenage girls went crazy. Good we had our bodyguard vth us so he protected us from them. We climed the stairs to reach the खाना court . That was were the girls were waiting for us. We saw them sitting at a तालिका, टेबल . We made our way to them . I leaned n kissed Tess. 
I: hie bebz 
Tess: his 
Niall went over to Aaliya n so did the other boys to their प्यार .  
Zayn : हे Aal Hw r u feeling nw 
Aal: much better thnxs 4 asking. 
Harry: so u girls done vth the shopping 
Tess: yes 
Liam: can we see them 
Shenali: no nt nw 
Niall: y not 
Tiffany: u hv to wait for the night 
Louis : Bt we can't wait night 
Tracy: be patient w
 Some of the girls started calling our names n yelling that they प्यार us . 
Tess: well u guys r pretty famous here 
Harry: yep that we came to knw as we entered the mall. 
Tiff: well that girl is totally into u ( teasing Harry ) 
Liam: yeah we can see that . 
Niall: shall we leave 
Tiff: where 
Niall: for having some snacks 
Tess: we can have it here evn 
Louis: I Dnt think so 
Tracy: y 
Zayn: well we can 't have here with people starring at us . 
Aal: then let's go to my Plc .we will order something there 
Niall: great idea bebz. 
All: let's go 
As we were walking outside the mall some girls were yelling " we प्यार आप one direction" we waved them n took the girls hand n walked out. 

Aaliya: I started feeling sick . So I told Niall that I vl be bck . I got up from the तालिका, टेबल n went to the restroom. When I got out of the restroom some girls surrounded me and कहा " r u n Niall dating " I smiled n कहा " yes " they कहा can u take a pic vth u Plz plz plz " I replied " sure " they took a pic vth me and n hugged me and कहा " we प्यार Niall n u plz give him this paper n tell him to follow us on twitter. I replied " sure " I took the paper n went out . Niall holder my waist n कहा " u alright " I reply " yeah I m fine "  I hand him the paper that girls gave me  
Niall: wats this . A प्यार letter 
I hit him vth my elbow n say " shut up this is from ur प्रशंसकों they want u to follow them on twitter" 
Niall: ok I vl do it 
They girls yell " we प्यार u Niall n Her gf " we both turn around n see them . Niall yelled back n कहा " we प्यार आप too" 
I: r u really gng to follow them 
Niall: yeah y not 
I: oh k 
Niall: jealous 
I: never  
Niall: really 
I: totally 
Niall: evn if I किस a girl 
I: no 
Niall: let's check 
I : let's see 
Niall: maybe later 
I : y not nw 
Niall: there will be rumors 
I: wat kind of rumors 
Niall: the boys are waiting for us we should go 
I: yeah let's go. 
We both went and sat in the limo . And all dropped at my plc. Alex opened the door. 

Alex'sPOV: i was free the whole day.  I took a शावर, शॉवर gave some खाना to crifi n cramey n sat on the सोफ़ा, सोफे n turned on the TV. Was watching tom n jerry then I turned the channel to sugars cope n I saw 1d n all the girls.  The girl in the tv zoomed on aaliyaz face n कहा " niall horan has found her girl. Well some प्रशंसकों say that she was द्वारा looking healthy n her name is yet unknown . Whoever she is she is quiet a prettey girl n we pray that she get well soon . " I heard the घंटी, बेल so I opened the door n saw everyone there .   I hugged Aaliya n कहा " so Hw r u feeling nw " she replied " if u let me breathe then I m better" 
Aal: wherez grandmaa 
Alex: supermarket 
Aal: didn't u tell her 
Alex: about wat 
Aal: tonight we r having our रात का खाना out 
Alex: oh shit I forgot 
Tiff: u short term memory loss 
Alex: ok fine done with the shopping 
Tess: yes 
Alex: दिखाना me 
Liam: not allowed 
Alex: y nt 
Louis : nt until dinner 
Shenali : हे wat about after u guys perform n we finish our ball party we can go for रात का खाना . 
Tracy: I like the idea 
Niall: I m in 
Aal: I vl see 
Tiff: no u hv to come plz plz plz 
Aal: ok 
Harry : great then . C u girls after the ball . 
Ruby: can I cum to the ball . 
Aal: yeah we hv 2 extra passes for outsiders 
Ruby : so I vl stay here 
Zayn: हे Alex y Dnt u शामिल होइए us u can be backstage while we r doing the concert 
Alex: great 
We all kissed each of our प्यार n went 

Ruby'sPOV:  I was अभिनय to weird cz it was my first time I vl be gng to a ball . 
I: Aaliya I प्यार you 
Aal: I m sorry ruby 
I: for wat 
Aal: I can't प्यार u bck cz I प्यार Niall 
I: we'll then I hate Niall 
We all had a lot of funnnnnnnnn. 
I: so Whoz going to do the make u
Aal:  tiffany 
I: hairstyle ??? 
Aal: Tracy 
I: dresses 
Tess: definatly Aaliya 
Tiff: let's get ready 
Soon everyone got ready n it was time for make up . Well Aaliya was still my ready she was the last one to wear her dress. She came out of the rest room n we when we looked at her our jaws fell she looked amazing . 
I: sexy 
Tiff: hot 
Tess: beautiful
Tracy : gorgeous 
Shenali: all of the above 
Aal: do I really look that good in this gown. 
Tiff: r u kidding u look PERFECT 
Shenali: where did u get it 
Aal: Ck 
Tracy: that brand rocks 
Soon we all got ready n we were done vth the make up n hairstyle even  Tess helped me to get the right sandals .  I had told the driver to bring the limo n so he did its 9:00 pm the perfect time for ball. 

At the boys house
Liam'sPOV: we all reached there n it's 8:00 pm n we had to reach the hall at 9:00 . 
I: zayn go get ready u take an घंटा to fix ur hair 
Zayn: ok daddy 
Nail: can I get a some gemmie bears 
Harry: here u go 
I: will u guys stop eating n go get ready 
All: fine dad 
We all get ready n it's 9:00 pm  we enter the hall n all the girls starts screaming. We climbed the backstage n went in . 

Tiffany'sPOV: the limo dropped us at our collage gate. And as we got out the limo all were starring at us. I wisphered to Aal " dance vth anyone who asks u for a dance " Aal" okay n u too" we all entered the ball n we saw the girls cuming towards Aaliya n they say " On my god Aaliya ur famous n u look sexy today " soon the संगीत started 1st was some normal band with a cute n romantic song. Aaliya was totally pissed vth that girls taking pics of her . We helped aaliya through the crowd  n found ourselves a seat. Some  6 guys came over and we recognize them they were the most famous guys of our collage they were Ethan , jake , billy, George , jaden , Peter . They are very hot . 
Ethan asked Aaliya for a dance n she excepted cz I told her. Peter asked ruby jaden asked Tracy George asked Tess bill asked Shenali  n jake asked me . We all went for the dance .  

Tess'sPOV: I was dancing vth one of the famous n hot guys from our collage I was like freaking happy Bt I was in a relationship vth zayn n I definately liked him और than this guy Bt I couldn't be alone on a ball so I had to dance vth him. 

Tracy'sPOV: I was wishing that Louis should come and ask me for a dance Bt George wasn't that bad too . Bt I was wishing it to be Louis.

Tracy POV: I was enjoying my self at the ball. Everyone knew about Aaliya n Niall so they all were taking pics of Aaliya . First Aaliya didn't mind Bt then she got pissed. 

Aaliya'sPOV: I was not in the mood to dance Bt I promised Tiffany that I would so I got up n started dancing vth Ethan . 
Ethan: u look amazing 
I: thnx 
Ethan: well thnx 4 aceepting the proposal to dance  I didn't expect that u would say yes 
Aal: Bt y did u think like that 
Ethan: cz u already hv a bf 
Aal: well yes 
Ethan: u knw every girl  of our class is jealous of u 
Aal: cz I तारीख, दिनांक Niall या I m looking amazing 
Ethan : actuall cz ur dancing vth me na 
Aal: hahahahah 
Ethan was a nice guy . Bt I was missing Niall. He was the guy who made me fall for him . N the guy who made me blush.  Ethan made me laugh द्वारा telling some jokes. 

Alex'sPOV: we had reached the hall . The boys went backstage I went out to buy some drink when I saw ruby dancing vth a guy I walked over to her. 
I: hue bebz  
She turned around n hugged me 
Ruby: omg u here 
I: we'll the boys are performing here 
Ruby : we have to tell Aaliya n the others . 
Alex: no we won't let's give them a surprise. 

Tess'sPOV: we all were dancing when some of the my class girls started shouting 1D . I and all the all the girls were starring at each others.  I turn around n saw alex. Suddenly all boys came on the stage n started the song . They all were starting at us. We all went to the stage n acted  as a प्रशंसक except Aaliya n Ethan they both were laughing n teasing everyone. 

Tiffany: we were cheering the boys when they came down n started dancing  vth us . We all started dancing in a वृत्त . The girls used to change their partners on every new beat .  In this way all girls got a chance to dance vth the boys. 
We all had a great fun. Nw it was time to select the prom क्वीन n prom king. 

Tracy'sPOV: well our group voted for Aaliya n Ethan . Nw let's c who wins . We all were wishing that Aaliya wins. everyone was done vth the voting . Aaliya didn't care for this prom क्वीन या anything she jst voted for tiffany n Ethan n went back n sat vth niall. All were going crazy to see us with the Boys . 

Niall'sPOV: I was shocked to see Aaliya at our performance. She looked like wow. I couldn't stop starring at her. She was laughing n dancing . I couldn't Stand it when she was dancing vth someone else.  We all wear dancing in a वृत्त when I was dancing the girls had to changer her patner on her अगला beat I was the अगला patner of Aaliya. 
I: u look stunning 
Aal: u Dnt look that bad too 
I: so he r u feeling 
Aal: better 
I: I m jealous 
Aal: y 
I: I hv to give my princess to all to have a dance vth . Before she could reply the beat changed n she had to go to a new patner . N that killed me.  Soon it was time for te prom king n क्वीन selection . I n Aaliya voted for n went n sat at the back . 
The principal came first welcomes us n then she said 
Princi: I hv the results 
Students: tell 
Princi : guesses for the prince 
Students including: Ethan 
Princi : so true . Prince Ethan can u plz came on the stage n collect the ur crown plz . 
Ethan went on the stage n collected his crown n all girls went crazy including Aaliya . 
Princi : guesses for the princess 
Student : some कहा Tiffany n some कहा Aaliya . 
I yelled Aaliya n harry yelled Tiffany. 
Princi : well that gng to be difficult the princess is ....... Is 
Students : spill 
Aaliya कहा tiffany is gng to win .princi Aaliya khan
Student: ooooooooo
Princi: cum n collect ur crown plz . 
Students : Aal Aal. Aal 
Aaliya looked shocked I helped her to the stage .

Chapter 27 wat.... the no way 

Aaliya'sPOV: this was अकल्पनीय . I won . I won . I won . Tiffany hugged me n congratulated me. Niall helped me to the stage Ethan handed me his hand . I went on the stage n the princi crowned me.  There was a ceremony in which the prince n the princess had to dance . 
Ethan handed me his hand n I caught it . We went down the stairs n we had to begin our dance. 
All were starring at us while we were dancing . 
Ethan: look I told u everyone is jealous 
Aal: yes they are 
Ethan : I told u all girls प्यार me u r jst a lucky girl 
Aal: oh I thought they were jealous c I looked beautiful. 
Ethan : hahahahah funny . 
I started feeling pain in my tummy after some time I Dnt remember wat happened . I passed out. 

Zayn'sPOV: Aaliya n Ethan won . They both had to dance .  I could Niall dying inside.  

Niall's PoV: Aaliya was happy . Seeing her happy made me happy too Bt the time she had to dance vth Ethan . It felt like I was been shot . 
They both were dancing Bt I heard Ethan yell" Aaliya Aaliya wake up wake up " I turn around  and saw Aaliya in Ethan arms fainting . We all run towards her n catch her in my arms . All girls surround me n I the boys help me get Aaliya in the car. I try n wake Aaliya Bt she doesn't respond. Tears start flowing down my cheeck . So does Shenali n Tiffany starts crying . Alex calls up the doc n we told the driver to take us to the hospital. 

Liam'sPOV: We are at the hospital tiffany n Liam are crying . Well so is Alex Bt he is strong . We all were waiting outside the operation theater. All of a sudden a guy in suit comes in Alex hugs him 
Alex: dad
Charlie: son . Wherez Aaliya 
Alex: in the  OT 
Charlie : I need to speak to the doc 
Tiff: uncle plz tell the doc to make Aal alright . 
Charlie : Alex go pack aaliyaz n ur bag . 
Alex: what  y. 
Charlie: do as I say so . 
Niall: u can't take her 
Charlie : she is my niece I can 
Alex: Bt dad 
Charlie: no arguments . 
Alex was taken away द्वारा some of the bodyguards Bt he still manges to किस ruby . We all are shocked. The doc comes out and gives us one और breaking news . 
Doc: I m sorry to say 
Niall: sorry 4 wat 
Doc: miss Aaliya has लॉस्ट all her memory Bcz of the cancer cells passing the brain nerves. 
Charlie: that's good it will be easier for her to forget u all n this stupid mess 
Doc : she needs to be operated within a week. U all can meet her. 
Charlie: thank u doc Bt she won't be getting operated here 
Doc: nw that is up to u mr Richards Bt it would be good if she is operated in a week . 
Charlie: I vl take care of that 
Niall: let's go meet her. 
Charlie: no one of u is meeting her 
Tiff: Bt plz jst this once 
Harry: plz mr Richards plz 
Charlie : Bt u better make it fast we have a jet plane to catch. 

Niall'sPOV: I was dying . Aaliya couldnt loose her memory . N plus his uncle is taking her away. I had buyed a lockit for Aaliya. I wanted to give it to her. We all went in the room we saw Aaliya unconscious in the room . We all reached to the बिस्तर n hugged her . Tiffany n I stayed in the room while the others left. 
I: Aaliya wake up 
Tiff : look wat nialls bought for u 
I: plz plz plz wake up . 
I give her a slight किस on her lips. I make her wear that lockit n कहा " "never get it off" soon a guy came n took us out. We all were waiting for Aaliya to come out. The nurses came vth Aaliya on a stretcher n still not gained her consciousness . The guy in the suit came again . 
Charlie: I bid farewell to all of u frm aaliya's side . 
Tiffany was really pissed off on that guy n so was I . 
I: jst let Aal be vth us 
Tiff: u Didnt care for her y do u care nw 
Charlie: u both stay away frm my niece 
Tiff : we will not we have many ways . 
Charlie: her twitter account is changed . So is her cell number so is her फेसबुक user id n I did the same vth Alexander so u Dnt contact him. 
Tiff: we hate you 
Charlie: I knw Bt I Dnt care. All I care out is my niece that is sick. 
Before that bloody jerk took Aaliya away I saw her beautiful face n I fell on my knees crying we all were crying . We decided that Aaliyas grandma can do something . Tiffany drove the car in a real fast speed when we went there we saw the whole house empty. We were about to leave when I hear a small meow somewhere I walk back in n cramey jumped on me . I hug it n it was the first time that the cat loved me not scratch me. I took the kitty n walk out. Tiffany took the kitty from my hand n hugged it real hard . We all went to our apartment. 

Alex'sPOV: my dad had banded me from meeting any of aaliya's friends. He changed evry thing of our lifestyle. I miss ruby a lot Bt I couldn't stay vth her cz of my dad n Aaliya. I had to stay vth Aaliya so I jst kissed ruby goodbye n went of I took crifi I couldn't find cramey anywhere so I jst left crying . We are in a jet nw 
I saw dad cry for the सेकंड time in my life 1st when my dad bro died that is Aaliyas dad. N सेकंड time is today 
I: dad y r u crying 
Chalie : they कहा I didn't care for my niece 
I: well u didn't evn used to call her of ask her Hw she is या wish her on her birthday u jst sended  her some money . She didn't want that she wanted a fathers प्यार . या jat least some one like her father . 
I couldn't say anything और so I jst walked away to my seat. N kept thinking about the fun I had vth ruby n the direction guys . 

Chapter 28 After 2 years 

Aaliya'sPOV: I m alive . I m totally free from cancer nw . Well the doc कहा cz of the cancer cells passing my brain nerveless I won't remember anything about my past. So I saw a Vedio that showed me that I have a big bro " Alexander " n a dad " Charlie " well nt exactly my dad my dads bro Bt I call him dad cz he is so sweet to me n somewat looks like my dad. I jst retired from my jog . Well sorry I forgot to tell u about where I live . I live in Paris n I m in the field of fashion. I saw dad having breakfast so I hugged him n joined him. 
I: good morning dad 
Charlie: good morning princess. 
I: wherez Alex 
Charlie: still sleeping 
I: I vl wake him up 
Charlie : ok 
I run upstairs to his room. N I dash in his bedroom without knocking. 
I: wakey wakey 
Alex: did u loose ur manners 
I: yes 
Alex: I won't wake up 
I : we'll I jst came to wake up ruby 
Alex: yeah go wake her up 
I Dnt knw who ruby is well Alex has her as his lock screen so when ever I switch on his cell I see ruby . She is cute . I start talking to the pic in the cell. N Alex always laughs at me 
I: हे ruby u knw wat Alex is nt wearing his कमीज, शर्ट today n he is half naked 
Alex: u can't say those things to her. 
I: u get up so I won't 
Alex : हे Aal u really Dnt remember him 
I: who . 
He showed me a pic of a guy . I took the pic n I couldn't remember anything Bt I had a little pain in my head when I see that pic . 
I: ouch 
Alex: ok ok forget it Dnt take stress n Dnt tell dad that I showed u this pic ok
I: ok Bt who is this guy n y do I hv this pain when I see him 
Alex: forget it let's go grab some breakfast. 

Alex'sPOV: I could t forget rubys so I jst kept some memories of her vth me . Whenever I दिखाना Aaliya nialls pic she starts getting some pain in her head . We both go down do some breakfast. On our way to breakfast crifi drops me on the stairs n I fall down instead of Aaliya picking me up she took a pic of me an uploaded on twitter. N then crifi starts licking me. Aaliya takes crifi n walks to the breakfast तालिका, टेबल n say " help ur self" 
I get up n walk to the table. 
I: so where r we planning to go this weekends 
Aal:  well dad I n my frnds r planning to go LA. 
Charlie: ok princess 
I: I m in 
Aal: no probz 
I: when r we leaving 
Aal: tomorrow 
Charlie: great evn I had to go to Miami for some work . 
I: so I vl pack the stuffing द्वारा the way which of ur frnds r cuming Dnt tell me that those to couple r coming 
Aal: those 2 r my best frnds 
I: fine 
Aal: okay so u me. Lucy n Luke r leaving 2morrow 

Niall'sPOV: we are in LA  2morrow is Tess n zayns engagement. I m happy for them. I miss Aaliya a lot .  Many girls came in my life Bt I didn't like any so I rejected them all . I used to take care of cramey while Aal is nt here. 

Tiffany'sPOV: I miss my bestfrnd a lot . I jst wish to see her at least for once. I m happy for zayn n Tess they r getting engaged tomorrow. I used to see niall he used to look happy from the outside Bt he used to die inside. I wish that Aaliya is free from her cancer nw .n she is health n fine . 

Ruby'sPOV: I miss Alex a lot my guys asked me out Bt I jst used to deny them c I प्यार Alex. I hope he hasn't forgotten me . 

Zayn'sPOV: I m very happy today cz I vl be getting engaged to tess 2morrow. We will be togather from tomorrow onwards. 

Tess: I m getting engaged to zayn Malik . This is amazing . I gng to miss Aaliya a lot. That crazy girl used to make us laugh all around. N plus one of my cousin is gng to come from Paris . I m gng to get engaged to ZAYN MALIK. Wow 

Shenali'sPOv: I m already married to Liam Payne. N nw it's time for Tess . Bt everyday I miss Aaliya a lot n her टिप्पणियाँ . I wish she is here . Bt where ever she is she should be fine. 

Chp 29 The अगला day. 

Aaliya's POV: I woke up went for a walk n came back home. N saw Alex was already awake we had our breakfast when I get a call from Lucy 
I: hey 
Lucy : hey 
I: so done vth the packing 
Lucy : I m nt cuming 
I: wat u can't do this to me 
Lucy: bebz listen 
I: explain 
Lucy: my moms cousin sis jst एक्स्पायर्ड so I n Luke r starting 
I: so evn I m द्वारा gng 
Lucy : if u Dnt go I vl nt talk to u. 
I: fine I hate you 
Lucy: Bt I प्यार you 
I: fine we r leaving nw 
Lucy: cn u do me a favour 
I: wat 
Lucy: jst attended my cousins engagement there plz I vl text u the adrees ok plz plz plz 
I: fine 
We both finish our breakfast n leave for LA . 

Alex'sPOV: LA aaliya's got to be kidding me . I vl meet ruby again n so vl NIall meet Aaliya. We both were ready so we leave for the airport. 

We  landed so I woke up Aaliya n we both go out. We didn't come in a normall air craft . We came in a private jet. Well dad wanted us to be on the सुरक्षित side n of course we he sended some of his men's (boydygaurds) to protect us. Well I n Aaliya requested dad to call them back . N dad agreed . We both walk out n of course the press Bt I n Aaliya always sneak out . There was a limo waiting for us. We rushed in n had a laugh. 
I: that is fun 
Aal: I knw Bt Hw cum these pree ppl come to knw that we r cuming here 
I: big ears 
Aal: हे I m sorry I tottaly forgot to tell u about the engagement 
I: Whoz engagement . R u getting engaged . 
Aal: shut up dumass it is of some tess Castro n zayn Malik we have to attend it on the behalf of Lucy n Luke 
I: really that's amazing they r gettng engaged that's awesome 
Aal: ur अभिनय as if u knw them from first 
I: no ..... Forget it when is it 
Aal: 5:00pm 
I: it's 3:00 pm nw 
Aal: we hv two hours. 

I didn't wanted Aal to knw that I knw them . Bt I think destiny wants us to meet those people again. We reach at the bungalow n it's almost 4:00 
I: wat r we going to give them 
Aal: I already ordered 
I: Bt wat 
Aal: a Spanish vase n a painting. 
I: painting ????
Aal: of Picasso 
I: oooooo u hv brains 
Aal: well I m the princess of Charlie Richards I do . 
I: so wat t r u wearing 
Aal: white tunic 
I: ok I vl get a white suit 
We both went n got ready . 

Chp 30 The engagement 

Louis'sPOv: we all were helping each other we got ready n left for the hall. There is going to be press n many famous people . Evn Lucy and Luke . Zayn got ready a bit faster than the usuall we kept on teasing him the whole time . He was too happy today. He had to be cz he was getting engaged to his dream girl . Shenali n Liam are married n are living happily .  They have their separate apartment Bt they often cum here to hangout. We are in our limo the girls are vth us except Tracy n Tess they will come from behind according to the ceremony . N here we reach . 

Zayn'sPOV: I was getting engaged today . Wow that's amazing . I feel nervous Bt thats fine . The boys were teasing me a lot Bt I didn't care I got early n started to get dressed . I m totally ready . Soon we reached the hall. The arrangements were amazing. 

Tracy'sPOV: my sis is getting engaged . One of my friend is already married. I was helping my sis get dressed up . 
I: u look amaZAYN
Tess: stop it
I: omg jst look at the blush on ur cheeks 
Tess : I wish Aaliya was here 
I: I wish that too 
Tess had Rees in her eyes befor they roll out I said 
I: u better nt cry cz if u do all my efforts will go in waste . 
Tess: it's jst that I miss Aal a lot 
I: Aal didn't want u to cry at ur engagement 
We were talking while someone knocked the door we both turn around and saw 
I n Tess: dad 
Dad: u look amazing Tess Castro 
I: all my efforts 
Dad : are u planning to keep zayn waiting for u 
Tess: oh no 
I: let's go 
Tess: wat time is it 
Dad: almost 5 all guest have reached the venue Bt the upcoming bride is still not there 
Tess: I m sorry we will jst reach there.
I: let's go 
We soon reached the hall as we came of the car the paps started taking pics of me and Tess . We reached and the ceremony started. 

Niall'sPOV: all are here and the ceremony jst began. Tess looked amazing . 
I: wat took u guys so long 
Tracy: sorry sorry Tess was ready it was me 
Louis: plz be ready at ur engagement 
Tracy: i vl be 
Louis: let cheers zayn 
The ceremony ended n zayn had to make Tess wear the ring. Befor zayn could do that I got a strange feeling . And a sweet essence of aaliyaz perfume I turn around n खोजिए everywhere Bt I couldn't see her. I think it was jst my imagination. Soon the ceremony ended and it was time when everyone would congratulate zayn n Tess n gift them. I had a feeling that Aaliya is here . I knw that is strange Bt I do hv that feeling. The new people ask me and all the guys about zayn n all the girls . I was eating a piece of zayn engagement cake when I turn around  n saw Aaliya . Te press were running behind her I ran too . Bt when I reached I there I dashed into someone. Ten I realize that it was my  imagination. I walk back in 
Tiff: u alright 
I: yeah 
Tiff: Dnt Seem so 
I: no I m fine
 the party was soon over. 

Ruby'sPOV: the ceremony was over we all were sitting on a तालिका, टेबल . Niall went in खोजिए of someone while the others we busy in each other. Zayn n Tess were meeting all the guest n answering the paps . A waiter came over and handed me a paper that said 
"Hey beautiful remmeber me . I hope u do . Tonight at the park at 8:00 pm Dnt forget . N plz come 
Did I tell u that u look stunning today . If not then I m telling u nw 

Xxxx wat to knw the name so come at. The park ."

I asked the waiter who gave it the waiter कहा " the guy was in a hurry so he told me to give it to u " I noded n the waiter went off. It's 7:00 pm n we leave the hall . 

Aaliya'sPOV: we reach there n Alex whispers "when u see too many people gathering around u jst walk of ok ." 
I : ok big big big big bro . 
Alex: u look amazing 
I: say something new this is old 
We reach there ceremony . I get myself an नारंगी, ऑरेंज drink and sat on a table. When I entered I got a strange felling as if there is something of connected in here . I guess it was about my past. The ceremony ended the paps start gathering around me I n Alex had to leave so I had the gift to a person n say " can u plz deliver this to the couple " the person replied " sure " I saw Alex hand something to a waiter. The paps start gathering around so I took my glares n put them on n walk out so did Alex . We enter our limo n went back to the bunglow. 
I: u knw Alex when we reached there I felt as if something of my past is there 
Alex: did u see it 
I: see wat 
Alex: evn ruby was there 
I: did u evn listen to wat I कहा . 
Alex: sorry later I hv to go nw I hv a date 
I: fine be back soon 
Alex: maybe 
I: I n crifi are going for a walk downtown 
Alex: call up if u will reach घर late 

I got dressed n went for a walk . I wore shorts n कमीज, शर्ट vth a hoody on to keep the press away . I walked to a park . I sat there it's 8:00 pm . I Dnt knw Hw Bt I remember this area . N the road . I walk back . I came and stop द्वारा a house n wispher to my self " Hw did I reach here " I walk back to the bunglow .I walk up to my room n went fast asleep . 

I met him at last 

Alex'sPOV: it's 8:00 pm I got ready n went to the park . I waited for 5 mins then a girl in red tunic came . It's her it's ruby . She looked amazing . I went from the back and closed her eyes vth my hands n she started guessing 
" Paul , steven , max " 
I open her eyes n say " who are theses guys" she looked shocked . She hugged me .  I kissed her passionately n कहा " u look stunning " she replied " u Dnt look that bad too" 
I: I प्यार u ( kissingly ) 
Ruby : I प्यार आप too 
I: द्वारा the way who is Paul max n Steven 
Ruby: I Dnt knw 
I: then y did u say their name 
Ruby : I Dnt knw 
I: forget it I jst missed u a lot n I want the kisses that I missed . 
Ruby: I missed आप too 
I: let's go 
Ruby : where 
I: my Plc 
Ruby: Bt u r dad 
I: he isn't here it's jst me and Aaliya 
Ruby: aaliyaz here too . Hw is her cancer does she remember us या Niall या tiffany 
I: waoh bebz slow down 
She is fine free from cancer . N she doesn't remember anyone except you 
Ruby: y except me 
I: cz I kept telling her about आप every सेकंड of my life. 
Ruby: awwwwww I प्यार आप . 
I: I प्यार आप too . 

Ruby'sPOV:i got dressed went to the Prk n wat I saw there almost gave my दिल a break . I saw alexander . We almost kissed on every second. I missed him a lot and lot . We were going to his Plc. When I कहा that his dad would mind he कहा that his dad isn't here n he mentioned aaliya's name that made me और happy . Aaliya was free from her cancer Bt when he told that she doesn't remember anyone of us that made me sad . 
I: when u came at the engagement y didn't u meet me there 
Alex : I wanted too Bt I couldn't. 
I: y not 
Alex: c the paps started to gather around me and Aaliya so we head to go 
I: ok . 
Soon we reached at his bunglow it was big . I saw a dog sleeping there .
I : is that crifi 
Alex: yes . Bt that दिन when dad took Aaliya away from LA I jst got crifi n walked out I couldn't find cramey 
I: we'll cramey is vth Niall 
Alex: good that cat got a caretaker 
I: when ever he misses Aaliya he cuddles up vth the cat . The cat misses Aaliya too. She doesn't eat much या play much . 
Alex: let's go check on Aaliya I think she vl be sleeping 
I: yeah I m dying to see her 
We both went upstairs. There were two corridors in one corridor there were two  bedrooms we went on the right side of the cridorror n opned the door. I saw Aaliya sleeping . I went over to her n kissed her cheecks n कहा " sweet dreams" a tear roll down my cheeked Alex hugged me . We both left the room n went into Alex's room . 
I: it's big 
Alex: u liked it 
I: yeah 
He came closer to me n dropped me on the बिस्तर . He started चुंबन me . 1st lips then necks n then everywhere  

[A/n: u can guess wat happened next]

After sometime we both were lying naked under one blanket. 
I: so wat is Aaliya up to nw 
Alex: shez a famous fashion designer 
I: that's so cool. I hv to tell everyone that Aaliya n u are in LA . 
Alex: wat about at breakfast. 
I: great 
I took my cell n texted Harry " हे bro I vl c u in the morning " he texted bck " where r u " I texted back " somewhere" n switched of the cell turn around to see Alex Bt he was fat asleep. I kissed him n went to sleep . 

Chap 30 The best morning news ever 

Niall'sPOV: it's morning . I was still confused . We all had our breakfast. I went on the सोफ़ा, सोफे n switched on the tv . 
Tiff: हे nialler 
Niall: हे tiff 
Tiff: ways wrng 
Niall: nothing 
Tiff: stop lying 
Niall: I could sense Aaliya yesterday . 
Tiff: u too 
Niall: wat do u mean द्वारा me too 
Tiff: evn I had the same feeling. 
I switched the channel to sugar scope. 
There was a song playing . I n tiff were listening to the song . 

Tess: I was too happy. After breakfast I n zayn went up to open all the gifts . Some were dresses . There was a huge box I ran over to it there was card on it when I read it I was shocked I went down with a big smile on my face . I yell " Niall , Tiffany Niall" 
Both: wat  
Tess: it's a card it's as card 
Tiff: who is it from. 
Within that time the घंटी, बेल rang . 
I: Harry open it 
Hasty: ok bebz he opened it n we got one और surprise . 
Everyone : Alex 
We all hug him. N Niall went out of the door thinking that Aaliya might be there . 
Tiff: u here ( crying ) wheres Aaliya 
Alex: jst Aaliya nt me 
Niall: where's she 
Tess: in LA 
Niall: Hw do u knw 
Tess: this card is from her 
Niall snatched the card from me n read it loudly 
" हे congrats  this gift is from Lucy Stephens " 
Niall: this is from Lucy 
Tess : read the letter 
Niall: ok 
He read it aloud 
" हे Tess this Lucy well I m sorry I couldn't cum . That's y I m sending gift द्वारा the hands of my frnds  ( Aaliya Richards n Alexander Richards ) I promise I vl make it up to u when I get there n congrats bye प्यार u cousin.   Xxx Lucy "  
Niall: omg omg Aaliya is here means   I saw the right girl at the engagement. 
Tiff: where is she 
Alex: sleeping at the bunglow . 

Liam'sPOV: we all were super happy today . Alex n ruby were there . We all hugged Alex. We sat on the सोफ़ा, सोफे . Niall was about to close the tv Bt suddenly zayn n Tess's engagement . When the lady in the tv says 
" breaking new Aaliya Richards the famous fashion designer in paris is seen at zayn Malik's engagement " the women showed aaliya's pic on tv 
N she agin कहा " she is nw planning a new fashion दिखाना in one महीना n here she is for a weekends and looking stunning as always  here she came vth a huge gift and a painting and a card Bt instead of meeting the bride n giving it herself she handed it to her bodyguard n there is the son of Charlie Richards  Alexander Richard also in white n looking so handsome "  
Tiffany closed the tv and said 
A famous fashion designer 
I: r u serious 
Niall: where is she 
Alex: at the bunglow 
Niall: them lets go meet her 
Alex: u can't 
Liam: y not 
Alex: I always try to make her remember about u guys Bt when weever she tries she gets a pain in her head . 
Louis: that means we can't meet her 
Alex: u can Bt as meet her as if u never knew her . 
Tiff: does she remember me 
Alex: no one 
Tiff: I jst want to see her once 
Alex: nt nw 
Tracy: jst once 
Alex: she is sleeping nw 
Shenali : then 2morrow 
Alex: I vl ask her 
We all were listening to wat happened to Aaliya while she was in Paris. Alex decided to stay for lunch. 

Alex'sPOV: I wake up n see ruby was gone I put on my pants n see ruby come out of the loo. I kissed her. She कहा " let's go " I reply " okay " we both reached there ruby rang the घंटी, बेल and Harry opened the door n seeing me he had a huge smile on his face . All hugged me. Then they  asked for Aaliya Bt she was still sleeping. I told them about my n aaliya's lifestyle . Niall was happy n sad too . Happy that he can see Aaliya again n sad for that Aaliya doesn't remember him. 

Shenali'sPOV: we all were laughing at some points and crying at some . When the lunch was ready Liam yelled for the us to cum. We all went and sat for lunch when Alex got a call n he excused himself after sometime he came back n joined us . 
Harry: was it Aaliya 
I: no it was mr. Fetcher 
Liam: Whoz he 
I: jst a client 
Zayn: client???? 
I: yeah 
Tracy: so wat do u do
I: I joined dads business 
We all were done vth the lunch  so Tess कहा that she would be gng for shopping vth zayn. They both left . I tiff and Niall were watching tv . I flippe the channel to sugars cope n again they were telling about Aaliya. 
The lady कहा " Aaliya Richards is at the mall alone vth her dog . In her blue shorts n a baggy t कमीज, शर्ट n a cute ponytail vth blue glares . Let me tell u guys  Aaliya Richard is one of my idol. She is here to buy some clothes for herself या her fashion दिखाना lets go talk to her . The lady went over to Aaliya n Aaliya stood there 
The lady asked her some questions 
Lady: miss Aaliya Hw r u feeling 
Aal: I m fine thnx 4 asking 
Lady : r u here for attending some fashion दिखाना या jst a weekend
Aal: weekends 
Lady: i m ur प्रशंसक can I get ur autograph plz 
Aal: sure Bt I vl ask u a favour in return 
Lady : ok 
Aaliya signs her a book n she says her favour 
Aal: can u plz stop following me vth this camera n ur people . I m here for ur weekend n I Dnt want publicity 
Lady : miss Bt thats our work 
Aal: well plz u hv got many celebs in LA u can follow them Bt my me plz 
Lady: ok n द्वारा the way thank आप for the autograph 
Aal: no problem 
Then the lady says " Aaliya is truly down to earth she doesn't like publicity at all... Jst look at the autograph she has so beautiful handwriting. I guess Aaliya might be having many boyfriends . Let's jst ask her this last question. 
Lady: mam plz plz and me one last question 
Aal: ok wat is it 
Lady: do u hv any boyfriends 
Aal: well no 
Lady : really 
Aal: sure 
Lady: u r so beautiful n u Dnt hv any boyfriend 
Aal: well thnx 4 the compliment Bt I really Dnt hv any boyfriend n nw I m take ur leave 
Lady: ok bye mam

Nialls Shuted of the tv and कहा " no boyfriends means she is still mine "
Tracy: yeah she is nw let us knw और about her 
Niall: yeah sorry I got a bit excited 
Shenali: switched on the tv n the lady came again . 
Lady: did u people notice the locket on aaliya's neck she keeps wearing that locker always dn never takes it off. "
They showed 2 pics of Aaliya on of zayn's engagement n one of her Paris fashion दिखाना . And in both she was wearing that locket. 
Tracy: ways in that locket 
I saw towards Niall he was blushing
I: u knw wat is in it 
Niall: yes 
Tracy: spill 
Tiffany came out vth Harry they both were laughing . When Tiffany saw aaliya's pic she yelled 
Tiff: हे Niall isn't that the locket u gave to Aaliya . 
Niall started blushing like a girl 
I: oooooo jst look at u. U r blushing so hard 
Niall: yeah it's the same 
Tiff: she listened to u 
Niall: she did 
Tracy : explain us 
Alex: yeah she कहा true Aaliya never takes that lockit off her neck. Unless she goes for a शावर, शॉवर .
Niall explained us the secret behind her locket . 

Aaliya'sPOv: I woke up changed my clothes called up Lucy . Bt her cell was busy . So I decide to go to the mall . I took crifi n waked out. I order a car n drove it myself. I reached the mall and that lady vth the camera folowed me there. I answered her सवाल n walked off Bt she came again I got pissed Bt then to I answered her . N then I go to the she shoe खरीडिए n buy 3 pairs of shoes . I give the  cashier my credit cards he cashier swiped the card and कहा " mam ur card is एक्स्पायर्ड "  I took the card n paye him द्वारा cash. I called Alex. 
I: हे bro 
Alex: I m having lunch 
I: I m sorry to disturbed u
Alex: it's ok nw say 
I: I need ur credit card 
Alex: y wats wrong vth urs 
I: we'll mine got एक्स्पायर्ड n i isn't call dad cz he might be in a meeting 
Alex: yeah ur right so Hw m I gng to give it to u 
I: I vl come n pick it up from u 
Alex: I m at rubys Plc . 
I: okay fine I vl खरीडिए 2morrow 
Alex: i vl send it vth the driver 
I: no its fine u enjoy I vl use cash nw okay
Alex: as u wish 
I: bye प्यार you 
Alex: प्यार आप too bye 
I: हे wat about रात का खाना togather 
Alex: sounds great 
I: bring ruby evn 
Alex: ok 
I hang up n go to a dress खरीडिए .  I buyed some shorts n t-shirts n pairs द्वारा cash n walk out. I was searching something in my bag when I dashed into someone. 
I: I m so sorry 
Xxx: it's ok 
I look up n the girl looks up too . She hugged me tight n say" Aaliya " 
I hug back and say " do I knw आप " 
Xxx: yesterday at my enagement 
I: ok ur Tess . 
Tess: yeah 
I: I m so sorry I didn't recognize you 
Tess: thnx 4 the vase Bt Hw did u knw me 
I: I DNT KNW u . Ur cousin Lucy told me about आप she couldnt cum that's y I attended the engagement without her. Didn't u get the letter 
Some came from behind n hugged tess. Seeing me he got shocked 
Zayn: omg Aaliya 
I: let's guess zayn Malik 
Zayn: u remember me 
I: well I came to your enagement yesterday 
Zayn: yeah silly me 
Tess: wat about coffee 
I: ok let's go then
Zayn: my treat. 
We both went to the coffee खरीडिए . 

Alex'sPOV: I was having my lunch vth all of them . Suddenly my cell started buzzing . I look at the screen it was Aaaliya . So I picked up the call. 
Niall: who is it 
Alex: Aaliya 
Ruby: pt it on loudspeaker 
Alex: ok 
We had are conversation
Alex: ruby u coming 4 dinner 
Ruby: of course 
Alex: great then we have 2 hours I vl go घर I vl pick u up द्वारा 8:00 pm. 
Niall: can't we come too 
Tiff: ask her 
Alex: wat about after रात का खाना we come here 
Ruby: ok ok ok ok . 
Niall: ok 
Tiff: great that time we will clean the house. 
Ruby: the boys will clean n the girls Will help me get dressed . 
Liam: that's not fair 
Shenali: everything is fair in प्यार and war 
Alex: I vl take ur leave. Niall can I talk to u for a moment plz 
Niall: ok buddy 
We both go in the balcony 
I: if Aaliya dosent remember आप या anyone plz Dnt force her 
Niall: we won't 
I: do u hv any cd in which u guys are there vth Aaliya 
Niall: the समुद्र तट house cd 
I: u might have a chance I can दिखाना this Vedio to her n maybe she can remember 
Niall: really 
N he hugged me . 
I: Niall I got to go ur gf vl get very angry 
Niall: then u better go 
I left the house and reach my house . No one was there. I was about to up when Aaliya dashed in vth 5 bags of shopping she had done. He handed those bags to the servant . N the servant kept the bags in her room n bought a glass of water for her. 
Suddenly a courier came 
I: I vl get it 
Aal: wat is it 
I: ur credit card 
Aal: look shame on u 
I: y shame on me 
Aal: I called u . U were in the same country Bt u didn't give me urs n dad staying far always in another country  he bought me a new credit card 
I: yeah yeah I m sorry 
Aal: so is ruby cuming 
I: yeah she is 
Aal: at last I vl meet her .

Chap 31 :It's time for dinner

Zayn'sPoV: We had coffee vth Aaliya. She was about to leave we had to find a way to stay vth her . So I got a plan 
I: हे Aaliya ur a fashion designer 
Aal: yeah
I: help us around Plz 
Aal: well.... 
Tess: plz plz plz 
Aal: ok 
she came vth us n helped us around to buy some casual clothes . Soon she went into a watch shop. 
I: y Dnt u buy it 
Tess: yeah it's look cool 
Aal: I प्यार watches I hv a collection for them 
I: add this in ur collection 
Aal: well I would प्यार to Bt my credit card is expired 
Tess: use mines n then pay me later 
Aal: thnx 4 that Bt i would प्यार it if I would my card. 
Tess: frnds Dnt care 4 that 
Aal: I m really very thank ful to u Bt I hv to leave nw . 
We hugged her and she left of 
Before we leave the खरीडिए I buyed that watch 
I: do u hv any other copie of this watch 
Counter: no sir this is the original one n it is I'll legal to make a copy for this 
I: I vl buy this 
Counter: sure sir it's of 1 lakh 
I: I Dnt care here's the card 
The cashier swiped the card n then we both left taking the watch 
Tess: y did u buy it 
I: I hv something planned 
Tess: r u gng to gift her 
I: nt me Niall 
I kissed her lips n then walk of when we reach घर we see that the boys are cleaning the house n the girls are upstairs . 
Tess: u शामिल होइए them I vl शामिल होइए the girls 
I: no I vl शामिल होइए u girls 
Tess: no baby u hv to clean 
Harry: yes 
He handed me the झाड़ू n  I started cleaning I went over to Niall m handed him the watch 
Niall: it's a ladies watch 
I: I knw 
Niall: I m a guy dude 
I hit him on the head n say 
I: give it to Aaliya 
Niall: ooooook nw I get u 
I: slow head 
 Niall: thnx buddy . 

Chap32: It's  the time for dinner 

Ruby'sPOV: the girls helped me get dress in a different way . They downloaded some aaliya's fashion दिखाना dresses n buyed them throug net . Soon the guy bought the dress n they made me try it . We buyed it . Nw it was time for make the zones on the face of the girl and copied the make up evn . I got dressed evn nw it was time for my hairstyle . N of course they copied the hairstyle evn. 
Tiff: Aaliya is really good at this stuff. 
Shenali: bebz she is a designer 
Tess: yep I met her today at the mall n she looked stunning 
Tiff: well she is my BFF she had to 
Ruby : the limo is here I hv to leave 
All: tell Aaliya that we प्यार her 
We all went downstairs n all the boys stood starring at me . 
Ruby: wat never seen a girl gng on a date
Niall: no u look stunning 
Harry: as always 
Ruby: thnx n I hv to leave 
Niall: Dnt forget to bring Aaliya on here 
Ruby: I vl try my best . 
Then I left And went an sat in the car . I vas alone in the driver drove me to a Resturant named "the blue lounge " 
I got out of the car and the manger let me to the table. Aaliya hugged me and I hugged her back she wisphered " u look stunning Bt the dress u hv worn need a pin up from the side " we both giggle Alex came over n kissed me I किस back . Aaliya coughed . We both stop चुंबन n look towards the ground .
Aal: I'd u both are done so let's begin the dinner 
Alex: yeah sure 
Ruby: Aal mind helping me vth the pin up 
Aal: sure 
We both went to the loo . Aaliya took a pin n pinned the sign up n took a make up kit from her bag and corrected my make up . She started laughing 
I: y r u laughing do I look like a joker 
Aal: no its jst that it's the सेकंड time I doing the make for this dress . One for my model n सेकंड for u 
Ruby: I प्यार आप designs 
Aal: thnx 
Ruby: Hw do u remember me 
Aal: well Alex used to never shut up about you 
Ruby: ok 
Aal: well I guess u had ur night yesterday 
I started blushing n Aaliya was done vth the make up. We both went out . 

Aaliya'sPOV: we were having our रात का खाना . 
Ruby: well Aaliya I want आप to meet my frnds 
Aaliya: sure, are try coming here 
Ruby: no u hv to cum to my Plc 
Aal: ok 
Alex: really ur gng to come 
Aal: yeah y not 
Alex: I though u would say no 
Aal: well I m nt sleepy n I hv nothing to do so y not 
Ruby: प्यार you 
She hugged me . Well ruby was sweet . I liked her . our रात का खाना was done nw it's time for us to go meet rubys's friend . The driver dropped us at ruby's Plc. Ruby rang the घंटी, बेल a guy vth blonde hairs opened the hairs . When I saw him I got the feeling as if knew him from my past . He opened the door n hugged ruby . Then Alex . Then he came for me . He hugged me right . I hugged back Bt a in a light way . When he hugged I was wishing that he should never let go of me . I had real strange feeling about him . Bt he didn't let go for some time . I had weird expression on my face . Zayn tapped his back then he let go . When he let go I saw his eyes were watery. I hugged zayn then a guy vth curly hairs . Then two और guys . Then I heard some girls scream. When I see them I get shocked . I laugh when I see them . They all were dressed as my मॉडेल . They were wearing my डिज़ाइन clothes . I walk over to Tess n jst proper the गाउन . She says " thnx " n hug me I hug back. 
I walk over to a girl vth brown eyes 
Tiff: hie I m tiffany 
I कहा " perfect " n she hugs me . 
Tracy: hie I m tracy 
She hugs me n I hug backn wisper " ur make up needs a finish up" 
Tracy: help me then 
Aal: sure 
Shenali: I m Shenali 
She hugged me too tight . I hug back n say " can u plz let go of me nw " 
Shenali: sorry 
Ruby: Time for dress up
N she pulled me upstairs to a room. They closed my eyes. 
I: I thought we were going to get dressed 
Tiff: yeah jst hold on we hv something for u 

Tiffany'sPOV: we took Aaliya to the room in which he had arranged all the pics of her vth is या vth Niall . We took her inside the room. We open the blindfold . She stood there vth a shock . I lock the door so that the boys Dnt see it . She examined each and evey pic I a tear roll down her Cheek. He took a pic in her hand in which we all were there 
I Harry zayn Tess Shenali Liam Louis Tracy Alex ruby Niall n Aaliya . She at on the floor crying. 

Aaliy'sPOV: the took me in a room full of pics first I was shocked then I saw the pics I got my memory back . I felt as if someone gave me my life back. I took a pic that was framed in which each and everyone was there . I saw it n I could remember each and everything I sat on the floor crying . 
Tiff: do u remember it 
I: I do BFF 
Tiff: wat did u say 
I: best friend forever . 
They all hugged me . 
We all started crying. Shenali got up and कहा " do u remember Niall n ur first kiss" 
Aal: yes I do 
Tess: prove it 
Aal: at ur समुद्र तट house at the समुद्र तट vth I guys starring at us from the balcony 
Ruby: u remember wow I hv to tell it to others 
Aal: no Dnt 
Tiff: y not 
Aal: I want to see Hw Niall makes me remember my past 
Tracy: ok 
Aaliya: can I keep this pic 
Tracy: all urs 
Tiff: we missed u so much 
Tess: u hv no idea 
Aal: I missed my all frnds 
Aal: Well congrats Tess 
Shenali: u knw I m married 
Aal: that is a lie 
Shenali showed me a pic of her and Liam's marriage 
I: oh wow u look so gorgeous 
Shenali: thnk आप missed it all 
We all were talking n crying when we heard Harry yell " we have to meet Aaliya so get her down girls "  
Tess yelled back " yeah she vl meet u guys in 5 mins " we stopped crying 
I : u guys have to promise me that u won't tell any one about this nt evn Alex 
Ruby: u nt him 
I: cz I want to see Hw does that badgered react when he comes to knw wat this 
Ruby: I m vth ya 
I: thnk u ruby 
Ruby: for wat 
I: if u wouldn't have invited me here n if  u guys didn't दिखाना me this then I wouldnt have remembered anything 
Ruby: it was all Alex n Niall's plan 
I: I hate Niall 
Tiff: wat ??? I thought u loved him 
I: I did before when he loved me 
Tiff: he does 
I: then y didn't he find me या try to cum near me 
Tiff: u hv no idea Hw much he missed you 
I: then tell me 
Tracy: u hv to stay the night here then 
I: great I vl 
Tess: nw let's go before the guys burst out as pressure cookers 

We all go down I see Niall n Alex standing at the balcony . I go towards them 
I: हे guys 
Alex : how aali 
Niall: how Aaliya 
I: हे I didn't get ur name 
He seemed sad Bt I had to act that I didn't knw anything about him .
Niall:  I m Niall 
I: Alex the girls want me to stay here 
Alex: Bt ... 
I: द्वारा the way I get to bored satying at that bunglow alone vth u .... Plz plz plz .
Niall: let her Alex 
I: look evn he allowed oh sorry evn Niall allowed . N if u Dnt I vl ...... 
Alex: wat vl u do 
I: I vl tell dad 
Alex: no no no no nt him 
I: then 
Alex: fine 
I hug him n say thanx. I turn towards Niall n hug him too n say " thnx " n was about to walk off Bt I turn around and say " tell the driver to get my pjs n u r staying here too " 
Alex: ok 
I walk back to the other boys all were sitting vth their girls I took a chair n sat vth them . They all were happy seeing me n so was I seeing them. We all were talking to each other laughing on some stuffs n normally the topic was about me . We all decide to see a scary movie . I agreed . 
Niall'sPOv: Aaliya entered the house when i hugged her I didn't wanted her to let go. Bt I had to I missed her soooooooooo much. All the girls took Aliya upstairs then they came down . I n Alex were talking when Aaliya came and told that she was staying here. That made me happy Bt she didn't evn remember my name. She hugged me and went back to the others soon we all decided to watch a scary movie . Zayn n Tess were on a सोफ़ा, सोफे . Shenali n Liam , Tracy n Louis , Harry and Tiffany Alex and ruby . Aaliya want here she went to change her dress into her pjs so I was sitting on the सोफ़ा, सोफे alone. When Aaliya came . She saw around Bt found no Plc so she came and sat अगला to me. I was so freaking happy. Alex switched on the movie. I wasn't watching the movie I was watching Aaliya the whole time . When she got scared she caughty hand. I felt sparks flow in my nervers . When the most scarest part came she she screams and his her face on my chest . All turned around and कहा " shhhh" n turned back to the movie Aaliya saw up n कहा " sorry Bt I get scared to early "  I reply in a soft tone " it's ok Bt if u Dnt mind can u plz leave my fingers n catch my hand "
Aal: sorry ...! She left my fingers n caught my hand . The movie was still on. N it was the best movie for me . 

Aaliy'sPOV: I didn't get scared I jst wanted to catch his hand that y I had to pretend . The scariest moment gave me a chance to hug him again. I प्यार watching scary फिल्में when I have a lover sitting अगला to me. The movie got over n where everyone was like" so cool"  
I: so Tiffany today all the girls vl sleep in one room. 
Liam: nooooooo 
I: I want eat ur bride Liam . I Dnt like meat vth extra fats 
All start laughing n Shenali  pinches me . 
I: so lets go I hv tons of things to tell n knw 
Louis: ok so which room r u girls in 
I: the room vth te photos 
Louis : चित्रो ???? 
Tess: she means guest room. 
Alex: ok u go up they vl be back in a moment . I go up on the stairs n hide there to listen wat alex sa
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