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posted by GabriellaAdams
Courtney's POV:
Laying in Nialls lap,he played with my hair.
"I hate that I प्यार you."I smiled.
"I know,Why do you?I'm such a jerk."
"Well your my jerk."
Suddenly I heard a thud,and a scream.I ran out to investigate.
My dad was on the ground and my mom was in her knees crying.
"Call an ambulance!I think it's a दिल attack!"
Anna's POV:
I needed him.I couldn't let him go,I had to have him या I just couldn't have a baby.After mom died,I was angry and confused,But my dad would make me smile.He would do anything to make me happy,from the bedtime stories about mom to the times he wouldn't stop tickling me.I remember,one time when I was 8,I found my dad in बिस्तर looking at an old picture of mom.I understood why,but he rushed to hide his tears.He picked me up and smiled.It was just me and him,He was my knight in shining armor,and I was his princess,Like fairy tale या a puzzle,just with a missing piece.That day,he took me out for ice cream and bought me a teddy bear,I still had that teddy bear.
And now that little girl was falling apart.We waited in the lobby.
Zayn,Niall,Liam,Harry,Courtney,Rachel,Matthew,Louie,Amber and me,We waited in silence,Some prayed,I cried,Others sat and stared at the ground,Til a doctor came out.
"Family of David Woodlands."
All ten of us looked up and raised our hands.
"We need permission to put him in a coma,He's awake now but He needs to be in Medically induced coma,Til his hearts strong enough for surgery.We had to electro shock him,He had a दिल attack.Whats happening now,Is his hearts not pumping enough blood through out the body,Causing his vital organs to shut down.His brains getting the blood but it's to much,It could cause brain damage and possibly death."
I started to cry as Rachel signed the contract.
"You'll be able to see him now."
I went in the room with Zayn,Courtney,Matthew and Rachel.
"Hey,Sweetie."he wispered.
He was in बिस्तर with tubes up his nose.
"Hey daddy."I cried.
"Why आप cryin,princess?Im okay,I'm breathing..."he started to cough.
"Anna Beth,Now I need आप to be strong,You too Courtney.I've been strong for a long time,it's your turn now."he spoke softly.
I wiped my tears.
"Now look at that beautiful face.Zayn and Matthew,I need आप to take my place as Im gone.Zayn I need आप to be a father,and Matthew a loving brother.But Zayn if आप break her दिल I will rise from coma just to beat you."
"Yes sir,I will try my best...I will be my best."
"Rachel,I प्यार you,Take care of these people."
I started to cry again.
"I'm sorry daddy,I'm afraid."
"Remember what I told आप last time?"
"It's time."the doctor walked in.
"Don't be."I wispered.
I watched the doctor inject some type of fluid into him and he pasted out.
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