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Part 3: Mihrap and Zayn

Mihrap’s POV:

Niall, Zayn and Bella had just come back home. Bella told me the whole story. She didn’t cry anymore. After this trouble, Bella became much stronger. I really appreciated the way she treated Vicky. If I were her, I would never be that kind. That was the reason why I always admired Bella even if I loved Zayn so much.
All of a sudden, Bella’s voice interrupted my thoughts:
“Mihrap, it’s रात का खाना time. Come to call Zayn for me.”
I immediately walked upstairs and knocked Zayn’s door:
“Zayn, Zayn, Zayn, it’s time to eat.”

Noone answered me. I opened the door quietly and saw Zayn sleeping on the bed. He looked like a deity when he slept. I looked at him without winking. Oh his beautiful face. Not being able to stop my feelings any longer, I bowed down and gave him a very soft किस on his forehead. Then I turned to walk downstairs. When I was about to go, suddenly Zayn held my hand back.
“Oh my God. He is not sleeping.” I thought.
Zayn’s warm strong voice sounded:
“Mihrap I’m so sorry for the Vicky thing. I don’t know that because of me, she could do that to you.”

I sat beside his bed, saying:
“It’s fine. Zayn. आप don’t need to apologise to me. It’s no one’s fault. It’s just because of Vicky’s jealousy.”
He turned to look at my face:
“Mihrap, I know आप have feelings for me but for now, I just can’t let my प्यार for Bella go.”
I held his hands tightly, cousoling:
“Zayn, I know. We can be bestfriends. Are आप worried that I will be the सेकंड version of Vicky?”

He कहा seriously:
“No no, of course. I know you’re not that kind of girl.”
I laughed:
“Zayn, I’m just kidding. Come on. It’s time for dinner. Let’s go before Bella gets mad.”
Zayn smiled with me happily. Looking at his beautiful smile, I knew that it was enough for me.
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