Okami Hope Mo' संगीत commin' Soon!

Vicieron posted on Jan 26, 2011 at 10:09AM
I am proud to say that Okami Hope has gotten TREMENDOUS BOOST in the ammount of PURE EPIC Okami music on the site. I have recently aquired enough credits to have over 100 MB of storage space for Ok Hpe.

That means 10x more Epic symphonies, 10X the ammount of DIVINE GOODNESS we have all grown to love!
I have decided to offer them for download.

This also poses a problem.

Many of you would like to get these tracks for free. Now I'm not going to deny, I love free stuff myself. But we have to think about this.....
Now the only issue that I have with that is, say "IF" you were to get these tracks for free, would you in time, buy the original Box set of music Even if I provided the link to where you could get it?

Now the thing is, I havent YET paid for the box set myself, but hey, how can I? I am at college and do not have the funds yet to do it but I ASSURE YOU, When I do get the money to pay the $50 dollars for it I will DEFINETLY GET IT!!

So I devised this.....

The Entire set of songs is actually over 500 MB. That would have posed a problem but I thought that through as well.

Every so often, probably every 3 months or so, I will change the Disc that is uploaded. Right now, I have uploaded Disc 3, which contains the music from Kushi's crisis to the Escape from the Water Dragon. They go in order of occurance so you should already know what is included; say Kushi's Ride and Rhyoshima coast....

Now about how Downloading is going to work.......

Every 2 weeks or so, I will post up 6 songs for download. This keeps my concience relatively clear and hopefully in the future, everyone will eventually pay for the Disc Set.

From the time of this very post, The Page will be fit for archiving within a matter of hours so keep on your toes!

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