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Hello all!

I would like to introduce myself. Here on Fanpop, I am known as ShadowMyth. On Nintendogs, I am known as Nat. I have 99,999 Trainer Points, and no, I didn't use a cheat code. I simply followed basic rules to the point where I am now a Nintentogs Master.

My oldest dog, Bullet, is a husky. I've had him for 3 human years, as long as I've had the game. He knows many commands and is in the Championship for each contest category.

Here are some pro tips, just to help आप get to how far I've gotten!

~ NEVER, under any circumstances, buy too many पिल्लें at once. Each कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला takes time, effort,...
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I'll start off द्वारा saying this isn't the only way to get good at Nintendogs. There are plenty of other paths to go down, some of them also quite successful, but this is just one of the options. What follows is a सूची of various tips that आप can employ to help be the most successful with your game. द्वारा successful, I am referring to money, trainer points, and संपूर्ण, कुल मिलाकर relationship with your dogs.

1. Visits to the Kennel to buy new कुत्ता should be few and far between.
When building your Nintendogs family, आप should not have too many dogs. This will help आप save money, and also आप will have more...
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