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posted by Alx_master
आप now all I wanted for Christamas was a DS and I got one. Then the new mystery dungeon explo... came out. I had to save my allowences for 1 महीना to buy it. woohoo I got the game, yeaih! Then I ask my friend how to connect to wi-fi. He कहा it was simple, just go to a mcdonalds या स्टारबक्स that has the sign WE HAVE WI-FI HERE. I found a mcdonalds that had the sign. Well to my surprise it didn't work then I went to ask to a guy who worked there. He कहा tha I needed a code. He gave me the code, I tried it again. This time I realize the game wasn't asking for a code! I tried all day. I asked my friend again and he कहा that I needed to buy a special cable.