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Have आप ever heard of the new 2DS? If आप have, I'm getting one tomorrow!

Well I know they are really exspensive, but I just hit the jack pot! I got $150 from my parents and I'm spending it on a new 2DS. If I have some money left, I might get Tomodachi Life. I heard that is a good game (if I remember correctly.) So I might get that while i'm there. But I might just mess around walmart while i'm at it (I do it all the time though). XD

Well, back to messing around on fanpop! :D

ShadowFan05 signing out!
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I found out that u can just look down at the bottom left hand corner when u have a unknown game in the system.
Dont go to wiki awnsers for some games because some IDs are wack. They make your actin replay go nuts, loose all your games, and u cant put any और on there. (take my opinion i had that happen to me once and i had to get a new action replay.)
Go to गूगल to look up game cheat coads, या just go to a website that u know u can get good and non bug-a-fied cheats. I think that the website on the box is the best. So to phrase this, dont go to wiki awnsers for game IDs या cheats, गूगल any thing u need, and game nut is a great store to find action replays and games.