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posted by dan911
Ian was a boy who had every ds game.
He heard of a new game "all of ऐनीमे vs anime", he wanted to but the game but he was unable to get the cash and he did not want to ask his parents.The अगला दिन hope was लॉस्ट until he was wacthing TV when he heard of a job vacancy in the निनटेंडो shop.He rushed to the store were he saw his worst enemy "jackson writer" who also loves nintendos.
They both got the job of a $7.25 pay an hour, ian knew all the game and cool stuff about nintendos he was doing great on his frist दिन and so was jaskson.The game he wanted to was almost sold out, they were just two और and jaskson hated ian so much he bougth he last two for himself.cuz of this the two of them raivaled about many things
i प्यार the निनटेंडो DS ever since i got it for crimbo last साल it is all i ever play on.

When i first got it all i did was play on it it ran out of battery pretty much as soon as i got it.

At the moment i have 3 games Nintendogs (obviously),Drawn to life,Fashion Designer, Indianna Jones and Imagine Girl Band.

Also what i think i good is that a while पूर्व i went to Gamestation and bought this निनटेंडो pack it had 2 stylus and plus 2 finger stylus they are so cool!! it also had a screen wipe and 3 game cases

I प्यार NINTENDO!!
posted by ShadowFan05
Have आप ever heard of the new 2DS? If आप have, I'm getting one tomorrow!

Well I know they are really exspensive, but I just hit the jack pot! I got $150 from my parents and I'm spending it on a new 2DS. If I have some money left, I might get Tomodachi Life. I heard that is a good game (if I remember correctly.) So I might get that while i'm there. But I might just mess around walmart while i'm at it (I do it all the time though). XD

Well, back to messing around on fanpop! :D

ShadowFan05 signing out!
I found out that u can just look down at the bottom left hand corner when u have a unknown game in the system.
Dont go to wiki awnsers for some games because some IDs are wack. They make your actin replay go nuts, loose all your games, and u cant put any और on there. (take my opinion i had that happen to me once and i had to get a new action replay.)
Go to गूगल to look up game cheat coads, या just go to a website that u know u can get good and non bug-a-fied cheats. I think that the website on the box is the best. So to phrase this, dont go to wiki awnsers for game IDs या cheats, गूगल any thing u need, and game nut is a great store to find action replays and games.
posted by Alx_master
आप now all I wanted for Christamas was a DS and I got one. Then the new mystery dungeon explo... came out. I had to save my allowences for 1 महीना to buy it. woohoo I got the game, yeaih! Then I ask my friend how to connect to wi-fi. He कहा it was simple, just go to a mcdonalds या स्टारबक्स that has the sign WE HAVE WI-FI HERE. I found a mcdonalds that had the sign. Well to my surprise it didn't work then I went to ask to a guy who worked there. He कहा tha I needed a code. He gave me the code, I tried it again. This time I realize the game wasn't asking for a code! I tried all day. I asked my friend again and he कहा that I needed to buy a special cable.