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 Narry ^.^
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do harry and niall किस on the video look what your thinking?
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Sofija POV
i कहा Yeah sure, I want to help you
wat What is the problem.
naill कहा i had a quarrel with harry.
i कहा o no not आप two
i want to help but I'm going to call Milena
and ask या she also wants to help
naill कहा okey That is good
milena POV
I heard my phone
and कहा hallo sof
sofija कहा हे mil.
naill and harry had
an quarrel do want to help to.
i कहा yes Of course
sofija कहा okey meet me at my house

so i was at sofija´s house and i saw
sofija naill and a few other guys.
hey milena boys i want to meet आप to
milena and the boys कहा हे milena
naill कहा this...
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harry POV
niall what are आप doing कहा liam
niall कहा o nothing
but i know that he was thinking
naill do wand to play a game with me asked liam and niall कहा yes ok
so they play a game
where is louis i asked
ho he is with his girlfriend कहा liam who was working to win the game
ok he guys i go to Sofija milena
ok कहा niall and liam

2 घंटा later i was there
hi harry how are आप कहा milena
i कहा o i am good
sofija was busy with something
so where are the others asked milena
and i कहा naill and liam are play a game
and louis is with his grilfriend and zayn is with his mother
ok and आप had nothing...
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pov sofija
and zayn and I went to the hospital
and saw reception and we went over there
can i ask आप something asked zayn to the girl
yea of course आप can ask me something
what should we do if someone has a concussion
she या he need lots of rest and life the life that she
thinks she lifes so आप should not change anything be their for he या she and slowly she या he will remember everything
i कहा ok thanks

two hours later we where in my house again
so and what कहा he या she
yea we must go with her she thinks
i am her boyfriend so i will be her boyfriend
said zayn
i कहा for how many days आप are...
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(we are now at the interview from One Direction)
interviewer´s POV

hello and welcome द्वारा much संगीत i am Lona
and here is one direction
hi guys how are you,
we are good,
how is it to work for your new album,
it is so much fun to sing new songs
and we hope that our प्रशंसकों will like it,
the प्रशंसकों can not wait to hear it boys tell something
what we dont know about you,
i think our प्रशंसकों know everything,
zayn is it true that आप have a girlfriend,
lovely zayn here has met someone,
what louis says is true i have met someone and i really really like her,
ok and do आप miss family and friends,
yes of course we miss...
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song He Could Be The One
Pov Ruby
hey lIam,
ow hi ruby how are you,
i'm good how are आप Babe,
i'm not good i have to go now bye,
bye i कहा quiet

hey louis what is up with liam he sounds sad,
yeah he not having his दिन he is a little mad,
o really louis i think he is mad at me,
ow ruby no he is mad at your brother,
ooh no what have harry did now,
liam liam liam !!!,
yes ruby,
i don't know what harry sad या somebody else,
ruby we are over and आप know why and i can ol most not get over it but i have to,
but l,liam i कहा ol most crying,
no ruby we are over ruby go to your boyfriend he कहा and closed the door,

authors note
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Ruby Pov
~the weeks and days went over fast so it was fast the दिन that i can see liam and the other boys and was there almost it was 1 और दिन to go
i called sofija and asked if i can come sleep there so that i don´t have to go out my बिस्तर early in the morning so i picked the best bus who go to sofija and after 3 hours i got there
she कहा i can come to the door behind so i did that,
so how are आप ruby milena asked,
i´m good milena how are you,
i´m good too thanks for caring,
your welcome,
and excited for tomorrow sofija asked,
ow yes i´m finally see liam and किस him i´m so glad harry is ok...
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liam replay mad why not,
because it is my sister,
harry please don´t do him something Ruby said
but he is not the man for you,
please don´t fight Ruby said,
ok sis i wil do nothing but say that again and your mine,
come up harry lets play again niall said
liam where do आप go Ruby asked,
i go to the hotel where we sleep,
but आप can also stay here,
but Ruby i can´t stay here
why not,
because i´m in प्यार with आप and of your brother,
come on don´t say your afraid off Harry,
uhh yeah sorry Ruby i´m afraid off Harry now,
ow but i don;t want that,
sweetie just play with your brother आप have not seen Each...
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Next Day

Come on milena we have to go
yes i come how long is it from here to there,
um a घंटा i think,
o wait than i go now to the toilet,
o milena आप had to do that before i am ready,
sorry sof,
ok we can go milena said,
yes do आप have everything आप want,
yes we have everything, please
one घंटा later
we are at danielle´s house,
hey cousin and who is this,
this is my best friend milena,
o hello milena come in my house,
their is the सोफ़ा, सोफे आप can sit there,
what do आप want to drink sofija,
um i want water,
and आप milena,
me to please,
here is it,
thank you
so how are...
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milena's POV
my live was very boring without the guys
and everyday a I remember और from the time
before I had a concussion
i write the things i remember on paper
i had once a thing about niall and something about the cinema.
today i had something about a तारीख, दिनांक but with who,
tomorrow i remember with who i had almost a date,
and 1 min later i heard sofija on the phone saying. hum yes i think she remember something and
i thought i have to tell her the things i do remember but not about that तारीख, दिनांक
because i want to know everything befote i tell her about that
i ask to sofija sof who is that, she says to...
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