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There are over 30 former NFL Cheerleaders that have made it big after being an National Footbal League Cheerleader.

Most have something to do with televison या modeling what a surprise, so anyways,
I wanted to know who is the hottest former NFL Cheerleader; Here are two ex-NFL cheerleaders:

Tiffany Fallon formerly from Atlanta Falcons and went to Super Bowl 33 and she posed nude for प्लेबाय Magazine & winning the शीर्षक of Playmate of the साल 2005 and thus making her the सेकंड oldest PMOY to win at age 31, and द्वारा the way she is married. [ see चित्र ]

Stacy Keibler was also an NFL cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens and then on डब्ल्यू डब्ल्यू ई and now an "actress" and ABC likes her a lot since they let her on the George Lopez दिखाना then What about Brian now on October Road not to mention Dancing with the Stars. [ see चित्र ]

Who do आप like और Tiffany Fallon या Stacy Keibler?
 Playmate of the साल '05 - Tiffany Fallon
Playmate of the Year '05 - Tiffany Fallon
 Stacy Keibler - Ms. "Long Legs"
Stacy Keibler - Ms. "Long Legs"
 twins taking चित्रो of other girl
twins taking photos of other girl
The Sports Illustrated स्विमिंग सूट issue just came out which has model Marissa Miller on the cover.

There are also some of the hottest NFL Cheerleaders in बिकिनी ( twins taking चित्रो of other girls ), here I share with आप two behind the scenes photos, the first one is a picture of twins Marisa and Larisa Coy from the Houston Texans and the सेकंड picture is of Christina Parker from the Dallas Cowboys [she is also on the cover of the Sports Illustrated स्विमिंग सूट issue; on the चोटी, शीर्ष left hand coner].

the link to Sports Illustrated 2008 NFL Cheerleaders स्विमिंग सूट is here
 the Coy twins
the Coy twins
 Christina Parker; cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys
Christina Parker; cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys
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It's the most Wonderful time of the Year; क्रिस्मस is here.

The NFL Cheerleaders are a gift to have and love.

Here's a little jingle a la "Let It Snow"

the weather outside is frighful
but the आग is so delightful
and since THEY got no place to go
let them cheer let them cheer let them cheer

THEY DON"T दिखाना signs of stopping,
and i GOT someTHING popping;
the lights are turned way down low,
let them cheer let them cheer let them cheer

( the UPPER case words are the words that have been changed )

here's a चित्र of an NFL Cheerleader; do आप think she's been Naghty या Nice?
while आप ponder have a very merry Christmas...
 Naughty and Nice
Naughty and Nice
Getting an NFL Cheerleaders as a gift must be on every guy's सूची this Christmas.

This might cheer some guys up.
so without further ado here's part 2 of a jingle a la "Let It Snow"

when we finally say good night,
how i'll hate going out in the storm;
but if THEY really hold me tight,
let them cheer let them cheer let them cheer

the आग is slowly dying,
and, my dearS, we're still good-bye-ing,
but as long as आप ALL प्यार me so.
let them cheer let them cheer let them cheer

( again the things in UPPER case are different from the original )

check out the चित्र of these NFL Cheerleaders; do आप think they cheer for Santa?
well that's it for this साल Have a Very Merry X-Mas.
 Cheering for Santa
Cheering for Santa
posted by mynameisearl
The National Footbal League best assets are the Cheerleaders. The संपूर्ण, कुल मिलाकर best Cheerleading squad in the NFL are the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. The अगला best teams for me are the Oakland Raiders and then San Diego Chargers.

The worst Cheerleading squad in the NFL are the Baltimore Ravens because they have men on their squads, who wants to see that. I mean yeah I would like to be the guy flipping the girls but do I want to see a guy flipping a girl "no way jose".

I did not know this but NY Jets and the NY Giants don't have a Cheerleading squad, apparently guys in New York don't like cheerleaders maybe they prefer the WNBA.

Anyways the best thing in the NFL are their cheerleaders better than the NBA. No contest.

Here's a preview:
 7 NFL Cheerleaders
7 NFL Cheerleaders