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posted by aNNalovechuck
[ 29-05-12 ]

Sorry for dont write much yesterday but I couldnt..
I dont have time anymore...Know why ?
I am Louis girfriend!!!I am not even kidding...
Well , everything happened so fast...I dont even remeber how exatly everything happened...
Vas Happenin to me ?
hahah , well he asked me to date...
Cause he find me amazing even though I think I am not , so he sang to me WHAT MAKES U BEATIFUL!!!<3 so romantic...ahhh!!!<333
So tonight I have तारीख, दिनांक with him...I am damn Nervous...& Ann yelling all the time stop लेखन
in this silly diary & go to her for make over...

So Bye
posted by maribou
It is द्वारा chance we met . . .
द्वारा choice we became friends!How lucky I am to have known someone like her.Well I प्यार her!,She`s My friend,through good times and bad my friend,my buddy,through happy and sad,beside me She stands,beside me she walks,she`s there to listen,She`s there to talk,with happiness,with smiles,with pain and tears,I know she'll be there,throughout the years!
She`s an awesome friend I could ever wish for,She listens when I have a problem
And help dry the tears from my face.
She takes away my sorrow
And put happiness in its place. I guess this is my way of saying thanks For catching me when I fall. Thanks once again for being such a good friend And being here with me through it all.
She`s always on my side,no matter what!I promise I will never forget her!Tears may come and go,but there's one thing I know.
All my life she`s a friend of mine ♥
प्यार आप Nena♥
posted by aNNalovechuck
Still 28-05-12 at Anns Place ...

Okay , I told her..Now my ears are hurting cause she was screaming in my had see her..
She want come to Hotel now...I told her ok :)
I mean she is my bff since we were little I couldnt tell her no...especially when she is using that कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला face..I have convise my daddy give her a room beside boys one.., it will be great [ now I have a reason come around their room xoxo ]
-''Dear , Now I will make your hair & other cool stuff...can I ? I mean may आप see them around द्वारा a mistake , आप have be hot '' Ann कहा to me & she was right , may I talk with...
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posted by Zainah122
 I ♥ Nena!!
I ♥ Nena!!
हे Nena...
I'm going to give आप some reasons about you..
But not BAD reasons..

#1|| One of my besties
#2|| The Biggest प्रशंसक Of Nina Dobrev
#3|| Your So Awesome & So Sweet
#4|| Your Amazing!!!!

And I've got a messege to her..
Dear Nena..
I प्यार आप So Much, Nena! And I Wish To God Bless आप And Do not Lose आप My Best Friend!!! And Also I'm Glad To Have आप My Best Friend Forever!!! ♥♥♥ When I started fanpoping on Fanpop, I thought that I'm not going to have BFFS but आप made my life on फैन्पॉप an awesome and great life! Thanks god for this awesome, sweetist, coolest, greatist, lovely girl ♫♫ Nena ♫♫ ♥♥♥

posted by nevenkastar
 Real फ्रेंड्स Always Stay Friends, No Matter What
Real Friends Always Stay Friends, No Matter What
Okay, It's Been A While SInce The Last Time I Wrote One Of These Articles.....

Maybe Because There Weren't Any News, However Now I Got Some =)

I Changed

Not That I'm A Weirdo Now, I Just Changed The Things I Like.

Like I'm Not A Huge 1D प्रशंसक Anymore
Now I'm और The K-Pop Fan
But I Still प्यार TVD, PLL And Everyone Else I Did Before

Yeah Sounds Weird, But People Change

Just Because I Don't Like The Things I Did Before Doesn't Mean That आप Guys Should Stop Talking To Me.

I Still Care About आप All ;)

My Personality Didn't Change, Only I Got A Bit Cheeky, But I Guess That's Normal At My Age

I Want आप Guys To Accept That I Change And Still Be My Friends

Because Real फ्रेंड्स Don't Care About The संगीत आप Listens To.

Real फ्रेंड्स Care About The Personality And Not The Look hehe

Anyway, To Be Short....
प्यार Ya All And Nothing's Gonna Change That <333
 Just Because I Changed My संगीत Taste Doesn't Mean I Wanna Change My फ्रेंड्स
Just Because I Changed My Music Taste Doesn't Mean I Wanna Change My Friends
 Don't Worry, In Some Things I'll Never Change
Don't Worry, In Some Things I'll Never Change
posted by Smilebaby05
 ♥ Baby आप Light Up My World Like Nobody Else ♥
♥ Baby You Light Up My World Like Nobody Else ♥
♥ Nennnaaaaaaaaaaa ♥

Please... What did आप just said...

Your message Just made my shock...

How can i forget about आप sweetheart?

You're one of my bff...

And please don't say goodbyeee...

I never wanna loose आप babez..


Im just such a big कुतिया, मतलबी that I made आप feel lonely..

I'm again so damn sorry for my mistake...

Please forgive me...

Please! Please! Please! Please! Please!!

आप have no idea... Im just soo sad that I didn't chatted with you...

Not only you..

Because of my school...

I didn't chatted with.. a lot of people..

Riri.. Anna... Jake_rose_4ever and a lot more...

Sis, You're always in my heart..

Please don't think that i'll even forget you.. Because I won't..

आप were, are and will remain my Bff.... ♥♥

A Bitch!
 ♥ Baby आप Light Up My World Like Nobody Else ♥
♥ Baby You Light Up My World Like Nobody Else ♥
 ♥ Baby आप Light Up My World Like Nobody Else ♥
♥ Baby You Light Up My World Like Nobody Else ♥
 Maddy & Nena
Maddy & Nena
My एंजल Nena,

I know that no word can really discribe you...but I wanna दिखाना आप how much आप are perfect...

You always know how to make me smile, आप always know how to make happy. When I need always have that ''One Thing'' that make me enjoy everything....

Everytime आप tell me आप प्यार me, I blush.
Everytime आप write something to me, I fangirl
Everytime your not fine, It hurts me like nothing else.
Everytime आप need help, I'll be there for you
Everytime आप smile, I smile.
Everytime your happy, I'm happy
Everytime your unhappy, I feel unhappy.

Sometimes I need to hold आप in my arms...sadly...
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posted by aNNalovechuck
Nenas Diary
~Day First~

Hey for one who dont know me I am Nena , I am working to my dads hotel here in New York...
the Hotels Name is [i]Lighrers
its kinda weird name but the hotel is really nice & big...
I am 17 yet but I help little with our hotel cause is kinda I have lots to do :
✔ go to Anns house & hang out for little
✔ Do my homeworks
✔ Go for shopping
✔ Do my homeworks

But I have PMS & I only want stay under my planket forever....So thats what I am doing right...
I am lying in Hotels living room & लेखन this ''diary''...haha ! Its kinda funny......
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posted by nevenkastar
 Never leave your friend alone
Never leave your friend alone
GUYS Seriously!
फैन्पॉप is becoming a mess!
People are treated without respect and used only for props!
फैन्पॉप was a side for fun and now nobody cares anymore!!!!!

Some of my फ्रेंड्स leaved फैन्पॉप या think about leaving it!
Like my friend JBLUV11!
She wants to leave फैन्पॉप because she think's everyone's using her!

She says things like: "Just Cause I May Not Like The Suff आप Like Doesnt Mean आप Have To Hate Me!"

That's killing me and I don't want this to happened!
If u have फ्रेंड्स आप should tell then आप प्यार then every damn दिन and not once in a week!!

My massage is treat your फ्रेंड्स with respect and love!
 Ur BFF is a part of you...don't let it go
Ur BFF is a part of you...don't let it go
 BFF <33
BFF <33

I am so sorry for not being online on you're birthday...i was too busy..I'm really sorry! .Hope आप had a Great Birthday!
Thank आप everything , Thanks for being part of my life hun :)
You're Amazing,Awesome,Beautiful,Smart,Funny,Perfect <3
So Glad to have an amazing friend like आप <3

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sorry these wishes are so overdue
Happy Belated Birthday!

I प्यार आप So Much Nena !! <3
I Simply adore आप so much,you're sweet and adorable <3

I can't believe I missed your birthday. I already feel terrible about it, please forgive me. Here is wishing आप a Belated Happy Birthday! I hope आप had a दिन that was just as wonderful as आप are.
 Happy belated Birthday Sweetie <3
Happy belated Birthday Sweetie <3
 Happy B'day Hun!
Happy B'day Hun!
 Happy belated Birthday Sweetie <3
Happy belated Birthday Sweetie <3
 Happy belated Birthday <3
Happy belated Birthday <3
 Happy B'day Hun!
Happy B'day Hun!
 Happy belated Birthday Sweetie <3
Happy belated Birthday Sweetie <3
 Happy B'day Hun!
Happy B'day Hun!
 Dear Nena , Happy belated birthday ^_^
Dear Nena , Happy belated birthday ^_^
 I'm sorry for not being online on you're b'day! Happy belated Birthday Dear! <3
I'm sorry for not being online on you're b'day! Happy belated Birthday Dear! <3
 I प्यार आप so much Nena! <3
I Love You so much Nena! <3
 Besties Forever & Always! ♥
Besties Forever & Always! ♥
 Forever फ्रेंड्स <3
Forever Friends <3
Ceces Pov~

I was laying in my बिस्तर when my phone started ringing.
"Uhm...who is this?"

"It's Ty."

"How'd आप get my number?"

"Rocky's diary, man आप should see what she writes in there!"

"Does she talk bad about me?!"

I was thinking that he just read all her secrets.

"Not really, Cece? I was wondering if you'd like to to hangout since Rocky is on a तारीख, दिनांक with Duece?"

I could here my दिल beat clear as day. I havent even told Rocky, i mean she's my bestfriend and I'm pretty sure girl code is to not तारीख, दिनांक your bestfriends brother.

"Oh well, i guess i could just रद्द करें my तारीख, दिनांक with that new hot foreign...
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posted by liene11
Your A very Nice Girl
And i'm sure आप Have फ्रेंड्स

Your Not alone and if आप Feel alone I'm Here

Don't Forget This Babe

Your Real फ्रेंड्स Will Always प्यार आप

if i one of your real फ्रेंड्स don't know but i'm here for you

Your Amazing Nana and i'm sure आप have 5 फ्रेंड्स and thats Good Nena आप Don't Need 20 Real Close फ्रेंड्स Really i Also Don't Have 20 Close फ्रेंड्स Here
Don't Forget This Babe Please i Begging you

and your family will always प्यार आप no Matter What Babe Your फ्रेंड्स Are Her For आप Nena>3

From Liene
posted by nevenkastar
Let's face it, I'm nothing special. Everyone knows that they just don't want to admit it.

Maybe it's wrong for me to write this लेख but I don't care, I want to tell people that I'm not a little princess with 1000 BFF's who adore me.

Yes, I'm और a little rebel then a princess. I do fight sometimes on फैन्पॉप when people piss me off and I don't act like I'm the best, because I know I'm not.

These days I do cry a lot but I don't wanna be a drama क्वीन for crying so I try not to talk about it often...

I am shy when I meet new people
and I'm totally off when I'm with my फ्रेंड्स
That's just...
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Maybe I'm to stupid write this लेख but seriously people should know things about my little sis Nena. Why I प्यार her and why other should प्यार her too

Reason are simple:

Nena knows best how to make her sad unnie always happy and always shine when she talk with her

Nena is sweet, cute and lovely sister

She know best how to make me smile, laugh and blush

She made me के पॉप प्रशंसक okay obssesed with that and I just प्यार her because of it

Even I had some bad sides Nena don't care about that heheh yes she's amazing

She like when I'm being jealous hahah she even think that my jealous is cuteeee

To be honest...
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posted by aNNalovechuck
Friend Like You

A friend like आप is like no other friend
A friend like आप is a friend i dont regret meeting
A friend like आप is like a friend i cant scream at या fight with
A friend like आप is like having no worries in my life
A friend like आप is a friend that i dont want to lose
A friend like आप is like being in comfort all day
A friend like आप is a friend i always wanted
A friend like आप is awesomly awesome
A friend like आप is बिना सोचे समझे and funny
A friend like आप is a friend that i प्यार to death and i will never let go
A friend like आप is a friend i can tell all my secrets to
A friend like you.....
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posted by aNNalovechuck

Ellie & Niall
Yesterday , I while I was returning from my bestys house , I decide go a walk through the park , so I did , but I couldn’t believe that something like that gonna happened.
Ok , I was walking calmly in the Park while I was listeing ‘’Moments ‘’ द्वारा my crush 1D .
Then I saw five guys sitting on a bench at I a give at them a sidelong glance and omg I though they were One Direction boys.Well , I though I was dreaming या something but NO! They was there .
-‘’OMG , uh , guys are आप One Direction या I am dreaming cause आप know…---‘’I whisperer
-‘’Yeah, it’s...
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posted by Ieva0311
 She's प्रशंसक of Nina like me♥
She's fan of Nina like me♥
Well today I got inspiration to write लेख about this wonderful friend Nena...

I think that she's one of the sweetest फ्रेंड्स here in Fanpop....
Always kind and awesome...
Sweet as sugar...
Even she's bad mood I talk with her about something good mhhm ONE DIRECTION about LOUIS...
She's one of my friend and I really glad to have her...

Nena आप are:

Nena thank आप that are my friend no matter what आप know that आप can trust me and I really care about आप so much tell me everything no matter it's bad या good....So Nena never forget that आप are really important to me...AND THANKS FOR BEING SO AMAZING

With प्यार Ieva
 Like Stelena♥
Like Stelena♥
 Really प्यार ya sweetie<333
Really love ya sweetie<333
posted by Ieva0311
 आप are beautiful Nena<333
You are beautiful Nena<333
One Direction - One thing

I tried playing it cool
Girl when I'm looking at you
I can't ever be brave
Cause आप make my दिल race

Shot me out of the sky
You're my kryptonite
You keep making me weak
Yeah, फ्रोज़न and can't breathe

Some things gotta give now
Cause I'm dying just to make आप see
That I need आप here with me now
Cause you've got that one thing

So get out, get out, get out of my head
And fall into my arms instead
I don't, I don't, don't know what it is
But I need that one thing
And you've got that one thing

Now I'm climbing the walls
But आप don't notice at all
That I'm going out of my mind
All दिन and...
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Here are SOME of the people that I care about here on फैन्पॉप the most

If I didn't put ur name on the सूची please remind me and don't be sad


Just because I put some people on the चोटी, शीर्ष doesn't mean I don't प्यार the people that are in the bottom the same much

link She is just wonderful and I प्यार her

link She's a huge 1D प्रशंसक like me and she cares about me

link She's my big sis and she always helps me

link She is my vain friend and she's always fun

link She's my sis and I प्यार her totally

link She's such a cutie and it's always fun to talk to her

link She loves TVD just...
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