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Neji: ok Tenten breath slowly and stay calm while I try to stop the bleeding

Neji swiftly looks through his pack but he can't find any sutures या towels, only one कमीज, शर्ट and that was the कीमोनो, किमोनो Hinata gave him for his birthday so he couldn't afford to stain it. He quickly removed his कमीज, शर्ट and wrapped around Tenten's waist. After a while Tenten opens her eyes

Tenten: ahh! [blush] Neji why don't आप have a कमीज, शर्ट on?
Neji's mind: i didn't know she would recover so fast to catch me shirless
Tenten: Neji why are your cheecks so red
Neji's mind: oh no, am i really blushing, i gotta let her down at this...
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Sorry 4 the long wait u guys but I was VERY distracted. My boyfriend and sister being the two main reasons. Blame them. Anyways I'ma stop talking and let u guys read. Comment. Give me props. I luuuv प्रॉप्स and bekum a fan. Those r the 3 things I luv. Tootles. Enjoy...mwah!

Nejixtenten=love part 11

My pov

Tenten breathed in and out. "He who. He who."
"Tenten are आप okay?" Neji asked softly.
"Does it look like I'm okay?" she glared over at him before breathing in and out.
"Tenten आप being angry at me solves nothing."
Tenten grabbed Neji द्वारा his कॉलर and yanked him towards her. "How 'bout आप switch...
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Nejixtenten=love part 7

Neji's pov

I was on my way to Tenten's house when I heard I faint 'transform.' I waited and saw who came from out the alley. It was Sai. I glared at him as he got closer. What is he doing using a transform jutsu this time of night. Sai looked at me with evil in his eyes then walked away. He looked like he was coming from Tenten's house. I walked faster then started running. I knocked on the door franticly.
"Tenten!" I yelled then tried the knob. It was open. I ran in and up to Tenten's room. She was balled up on the बिस्तर crying. I ran to her. "Tenten. What happened."
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Nejixtenten=love part 1

Tenten's pov

"Look we can't waist time. I have to train so I can be the best. And in order to be the best I have to defeat the great neji hyuga," I ranted off to Ino.
"Quit your yappin and hold still," Ino कहा as she plucked my eyebrows.
"You do this every time Ino. I don't have to look good just to go train. I'ma get sweaty and messy anyway."
"Hold still," she demanded as she plucked away.
"Ow," I yelped.
"Got it. All done," she smiled then proceeded to my hair.
"I thought आप कहा आप was done."
"I can't let आप go out in two panda buns," she took them out and brushed...
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Hidden Leaf Village morning, when the sun is shining up and good. नारूटो and the others go off to a mission which leaves off to team Guy, in the leaf village. Lee and Guy sensei had to do something else for Lady Tsuande which was to go to the Hidden बादल Village and take order to take the princess attention and steal the scroll that the princess took from Tsuande, it's not easy and simple as it sounds. Sooo...

"Neji,there's like nothing else to do. I bet we could train या do some targets or...I dunno something that will keep us up." कहा Tenten

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