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Tenten was sad. She was thinking about Neji.
All the happiness and प्यार Neji and her did.

Tenten- Neji...
she whispered.

She was praying for Neji for luck.

Tenten got up and brushe her teeth and hair.
She dressed up like a normal person.
simple कमीज, शर्ट with jeans.

Tenten- .... Well I got to...

knock knock knock

Tenten- Huh?
She opened the door and it was Ino, Sakura, and

Sakura- hey, Tenten Hyuga!!
Tenten- Oh. Come in.

Ino- Yay! आप got married to the man of your dreams! I'm so proud of you!
Hinata- Congradulations Tenten.

Tenten- Thank You.
Hinata- Where's Neji?
Tenten- Oh...
Ino- We want...
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Neji- Tenten hurry.

Tenten was dressing in a dressing room while they were shopping. Which Neji did not like to do.

Tenten- Alright! Egh...
Neji- Your wasting my time.
Tenten- Eh! Guy Sensei says I have to खरीडिए for nw clothes cause my गुलाबी कमीज, शर्ट and green pants are getting old for आप guys!!

Neji- I'm not the one who argued!
Tenten- Guy sensei and Lee did.
Neji- Hmph.
Tenten- Okay I'm done!

Neji- Hmm?
Tenten got out of the Dressing room and she was wearing the कीमोनो, किमोनो that Tsunade weared when she was little.

Tenten- Does it make my butt look big?
Neji- Why would I look.
Tenten- Nope. Good. Neji?...
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