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Oh yeah, native pride babahh!!
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I पोस्टेड this on two other clubs, please watch! It's about first Nations mistreatment!
introductionL:What I am about to tell you, is 100% true. Native Americans agreed to share the land with the newcomers, but they wanted more

The ORIGIONAL people did not believe in physically owning anything, they belived that everything आप had could be shared. No one could take anything from you. But the Europeans did not respect their values, beliefs, या culture. Instead, they believed that if आप didn't believe in god, आप didn't have a real religeon. This of course, is Not true
The Canadian Government made treaties with the Natives so that they could still live on their homeland and they...
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Native Americans Never deserved being forced of their land. They were treated crule and un far. They where killed and slaterd. The Indeans where kind and a caring people. They where in tune with nature. never whanted to harm it, but to दिन u see humans distraying nature insted of protecting it and saving it.Who's side r u on?
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