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1. Stop saying "un" after every sentence
2.Stop saying "yeah" after every sentence
3. Stop saying "humph" after every sentence
4. Hand out fliers for the "Stop the Bombers" organization
5. swim naked in a fountain
6. Never say "art is a bang"
7. stop fighting with Sasori and tell him he loves him
8. Make his hands किस बिना सोचे समझे objects
9. Make a beautiful painting of a feild and दिखाना Garaa
10. Become fast फ्रेंड्स with Choji
11. Have a crush on Zetsu
12. Support sandcest with every fiber of his being
13. look ugly
14. Become Prom क्वीन with Neji as king
15. Rub Itachi's belly for good luck
16. Walk around in...
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