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Years पूर्व in the land of the Exorsists the Trinikage was thinking to himself about the current war between his own village and The Village hidden in the shadows the land he had once ruled. Yes, Amora Akku had once ruled this land as the Shinikage because the temptation to conquer became to much for him to take making him responsible for the scars of his family as well as scars from villages he had conquered while in this leadership. His wife Chizaru and his daughter princess Amora Ming hadn't been aware of what was to come that night at the summer festival...not a clue. In fact and attack couldn't...
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Haruno Sakura had just finished her ramen, रामन and was now washing the dishes. With a little smile she thinks of how she’s actually becoming और and और like Naruto.

The girl had spent the entire दिन alone. She had trained alone, taken a walk alone, gotten her groceries alone and finally eaten alone. Everything had been quiet the last महीना या so, in Konohagakure.

Not that Sakura minded. Of course, she enjoyed some company, but she had started thinking about Sasuke again.

Naruto would only try to cheer her up in his own annoying way, wich really wouldn’t work. Ino would just tell her to get...
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This story takes place between नारूटो and नारूटो Shippuden. The main character is one my OCs. His name is Yondaime Hiryoko. He was named after the 4th Hokage. His parents named him that because they knew he was destined for greatness. This is his story.

I looked at the village. The village of the hidden village. It looked small from where I was. But I knew it was really big.

I heard a voice nearby, "This is our target, huh, Hidan?" कहा a tall man. who had a mask covering his face and a oddly shaped headband.

I whispered to my self, "Who...
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”I’ve come to say sorry, Sakura.” Uchiha Sasuke says simply. He isn’t as cold as her, but he doesn’t seem to care about what she thinks of him.

Sakura has to blink a few times at this response. She hadn’t expected it, but then again, she hadn’t had any idea what-so-ever as to why he’d there. It only takes her a few सेकंड्स to put the same neutral expression again, though.

”That’s rather stupid, even for you. Don’t आप think, Sasuke-kun?” The girl says, looking him straight in the eye.

The Uchiha holds eye contact as well, but there is something in his dark gaze she hasn’t...
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*At Kanoha pre school*

Naruto:Hi.I'm नारूटो Uzimaki.

Gaara:Go away.

Naruto:Wanna be friends?

Gaara:Who's paying you?Is it my father?Are आप the new assassin?

Temari:Gaara he's not an assassin.

Gaara:How do आप know?

Teamri:He's 5.

Gaara:Oh...Naruto was it?


Gaara:I am Gaara of the sand I shall exept your offer of friendship.

Naruto:Great!Wanna play?

Gaara:Very well what shall we play?

Naruto:How about we play ninja?

Gaara:I knew it!

Naruto:Knew what?

Gaara:You are the new assassin!

Naruto:What?Ninja is a game.

Gaara:Oh...Uhhhh......Who's that?

Naruto:That's Sasuke uchiha.

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Class that दिन was slow and boring. Our teacher, Kakashi, was dragging on and on about semi-aquatically evolving landscapes and my best friend शिकामारू was half-asleep as it was.
“Why is he talking about landscapes, he’s a math teacher.” Shika groaned, leaning his head on Kiba’s shoulder, catching a cold glare from his girlfriend. I laughed.
“Sakura is glaring at you.” शिकामारू turned around and glared back, an evilness in his eyes that made Sakura gulp and look away.
“You obviously don’t प्यार her, so why do आप keep her around?” I wondered. शिकामारू smirked.
“I प्यार to...
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Hey all! Serenna here with my very first नारूटो fanfiction! I decided to post it here, so I hope आप all enjoy it! ^_^


Why do they treat us like monsters?

We're not monsters.

Just misunderstood.

What if नारूटो hadn't been completely friendless during his childhood? What if there was someone there to help him through the pain? When नारूटो befriends a girl with hair as white as snow and a light beaming around her, his life changes from then on for the better. But what if Hikari is apart of an ancient prophecy and is indeed the being of light? Will she be able to save नारूटो from his demon...
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Not long after I was born, I was kidnapped द्वारा a man and taken from the Hidden Sand Village. He placed me in a prison meant for experimenting. He did it to many people from who knows where. Soon I became one of them. The only difference between us was that I actually lived. Every other breathing thing at the time didn't survive the experiments. Mom and dad told me they died because they didn't posses enough chakra to endure the harsh tragedy, but lucky me was blessed with just the right amount. Surviving that wasn't a blessing at all, but a curse I'd live with for the rest of my life. What he...
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Slowly, Sakura opens her eyes. And the first thing she sees is Uchiha Sasuke, smiling his tiny little at her, the one that she used to प्यार so much.

”Sasuke-kun…” She whispers, reaching up towards his face. Sometimes, the girl still does that. After five years, she can still wake up and think everything is fine.

Then she remembers why he’s actually with her now. ”Uchiha!” She shouts, as if she’s swearing. ”Get out of my house! God, आप stabbed me!” She continued, quickly getting up.

But Sasuke just sits, looking calmly at her. ”Sakura.” He says, not too loudly. Sakura freezes...
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Would आप force me to kill you? You, who understood me और than any other? Whose life I would've traded mine for in an instant, who alone was my greatest friend and my worst enemy? I would have sacrificed myself for आप in a heartbeat, would have driven the blade through my neck myself to ensure your safety. आप know that.

But don't underestimate me. आप know full well that I would never back down, no matter what the cost. For what lies ahead for my village if I do so? Carnage, corruption, and death, everything that I have long fought against and will till my last breath will be my domain....
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