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I stepped on the floating platform in a dark room. I looked all around me, nothing there was to see, all but the platform and myself. A techie screen appeared out of no where in front of me. Moments later a dark figure showed up on the screen. I couldn't detect who it was, but it looked awfully familiar.
"Identify yourself," the figure commanded.
"Princess Eclipse," I replied nervously.
"This is the one," the figure said. "Prepare the tests immediately." The figure commanded. I knew he wasn't talking to me, but he was talking to someone else? All I knew is that the figure wasn't alone- where...
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Luna winced as the door clicked behind her, she gave a weak smile as Celestia looked at her with disappointment. She pouted and sat down, when she was comfortable she spoke, "Have आप been waiting long dear sister?"

Luna started to sweat, it was the third time she's been late to रात का खाना this week and the 15th time this month! Celestia was going to banish her to the moon! या worse, make her miss desser-

"Nah not thaaaaat long really...!" Celestia slurred trying her best to seem normal, "Sis? आप alright?" Luna asked staring at her sister with a creased eyebrow and a concerned look on her...
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Our story begins near the end of Ask JappleAck. Were Prime Twilight and prime AppleJack finally helped her find a portal back to HER world.

Jappleack kindly thanked her prime self, for the amounts of kindless, apparently unknown in her world, before traveling into HER ponyville.


SwagDash woke up in a hospital bed, greeted द्वारा Twilight Sparkle, Flutters Shydale, Pinkie Pie, Spike Dragonowitiz and Rarity.

"Rainbow Dash! आप were absolutely wonderbar out there!" Twilight cried happily.

"You were positively fabulous darling, and I'm not just being generous" Rarity cried happily.

"Hey, hey.. You...
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 Necro टट्टू :P
Necro Pony :P
Normal In Ponyville...
Twilight - Dan sorry but आप must get out from libary
Dan - yea yea I going sleep on सड़क, स्ट्रीट see आप soon
Dan get out from Libary and हटाइए to park
Dan - ahh green everywhere...
Vinyl - Hi Dan... why आप lie on grass
Dan - 4 worlds : I, Dont, Have, Home...
Vinyl - हे why आप dont tell me आप can sleep in my and Octavia hose
Octavia - ... ok ....
Dan -Thanks...
Dan, Octavia and Vinyl come to hose
Vinyl - we have only 2 beds well... आप going sleep with me
Dan - ...cool...
Dan - WHAT THE!!!
Everyone come down and see Pinkie and somethink like monster
Dan - What...
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