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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The three ponies went for a walk toward a स्कीइंग resort. Rareesa lives in a really cool part of town, literally.

Fenix: I have some soldiers stationed द्वारा here. They'll be able to get us from here to Discord's base.
Con: Alright, in the mean time the three of us can go skiing.
Koreans: *arrive on snowmobiles*
Fenix: या not.
Con: Go get those soldiers, we'll cover you!
korean pony62: Hello आप two.
Rareesa: Hi.
korean pony62: Don't think about running, because we are getting help from sweden.
Con: आप need all the help आप can get to stop us. *shoots korean pony* Take his snowmobile!
Rareesa: *leaves on snowmobile*
korean pony85: Alright आप two, as we planned.
Con: *skis down hill*
sweden pony24: *follows Con*
Con: *switches to automatic firing*
sweden pony52: HA! He has a small pistol!
Con: *kills sweden ponies*
korean pony85: *passes & shoots at Con*
Rareesa: Oh brilliant!
korean pony85: *shoots Rareesa*
Rareesa: *teleports behind pony*
korean pony85: What?!
Rareesa: *breaks the pony's neck*
Con: Rareesa! आप ok?
Rareesa: I'm alright darling. Where are the germans?
Fenix: In helicopters!
Con: Excellent.
Fenix: Hop in, and we'll get to Discord's base.
Con & Rareesa: *Get in helicopter*
German pony35: *flies helicopter*
Con: How many ponies are here?
Fenix: 12, and they're all willing to fight alongside you.
Con: Excellent. Where is Discord's base?
german pony35: Right in front of us.

I'll दिखाना आप a picture of the base, but the rest will all be told later.
 Discord's base of operations
Discord's base of operations
added by Pikachufan25
this made me cry... its so sad =(
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