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Antichrist 2009


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Hello Jarda ,
Director Lars Von Trier has always gone beyond what others wouldn’t try for fear of compromising their artistic vision.
I Really Hope it makes its way here to the States.
I have satellite programming, and I love Indie. Films.
Therefore I am grateful I have the "Independent Film Channel"
Along with "Sundance"
I was lucky enough to see "Dancer in the dark" which was the first time I was introduced to
Lars Von Trier’s work.
But one thing that I think people need to be warned about
even though it isn’t just gratuitous is the physical violence in this film..
Von Trier is amazing at photographing in such a way that the realism,
is just too darned stunningly shocking, that you will forget that it IS NOT REAL.
This film will definitely be disturbing for many folk’s even viewers that are accustomed to
and braced for it!
I am very happy you posted this Jarda, it is not often that I see “The Von “being showcased!
OH and the awards this film won already
Nominated for Oscar. Another 59 wins & 44 nominations
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