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1.Darth Vader-he had to learn that power is not और important than family, especially when the fraternal twins आप never knew आप had are fighting to overthrow you.

2.King Triton-No matter how much आप teach your daughter या daughters they are going to grow up and at times disobey आप and make/lead their own lives.

3.Kronos-dont piss off your "Godly" sons, या they will over throw आप and take over.

4.Prince Charming-Fight till the end for whats right and trust your daughter will come and find आप and your wife to break an evil curse.

5.James Potter-Dont be so cocky and mean around your future...
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 part 1
part 1
Never was there a story of और प्यार than that of Juliet and her Romeo,.... but Tybalt Capulet would change that. The dark prince of the Capulets would stop at nothing to make Juliet his wife, and make sure the long rival between the Montagues and the Capulets would remain so. Tybalt would make sure Juliet would never marry Romeo at all costs.

Two households alike in some ways, held a कड़वा rivalry for as long as anyone could remember. No one knew how this rivalry was started.
One household held a son Romeo a wild, but noble-hearted being. The other held a daughter Juliet, a kind, loving-hearted,...
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posted by Windrises
Going in Style is a 2017 comedy film. The film has some famous actors including Michael Caine, मॉर्गन Freeman, Alan Arkin, Matt Dillon, and Christopher Lloyd.

The Plot:

Michael Caine, मॉर्गन Freeman, and Alan Arkin play a trio of फ्रेंड्स who get ripped off द्वारा their bank. Michael Caine's character is at risk of losing his house so he and his 2 best फ्रेंड्स team up to steal the money their bank owes them.

Going in Style feels like a टेलीविज़न sitcom that's feature length, but in a good way. This film is meant to be a fun comedy starring talented actors and the film is good at doing that. The...
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posted by drunkboris123
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I actually really enjoy watching film reviews and the film reviews where critics dislike films are often और entertaining. The best film reviews involve exaggerating feelings about films. However both regular people and critics often hate films. I think that hating on films too much can be a bad thing.

Of course there are plenty of films that I dislike, but I don't hate any fils. I used to hate some films. There were films that made me mad just द्वारा thinking about them. I don't get why people should hate films. Of course people are allowed to dislike films, but disliking and hating are 2 different...
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posted by AnnaSmiley
Hey, guys! :D I am Ann and I'm 13 and I have a huge problem.
I can't really remember the name of my childhood प्रिय movie. -.- :D cause it was a long time ago! I know the name of it in my language and all the scenes from it. Pls help! Here are some hints:

Help me name a movie.
It's about 2 sisters whose mum died. Their father is teaching in a school. One night, a troll (or some mysterious creature) comes to their house and lead them into a ship. I think that there's a mermaid on the deck. And, there, the older sister gets the prettiest stuff and the younger one looks like a peasant. And,...
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 Nyle Lynn
Nyle Lynn
New Yorkers प्यार a good pizza. It’s a classic taste of the city -- and so are the owners of the local pizzeria shops. But, what happens when आप get a well-intentioned younger generation moving into the neighborhood and looking for a change?

This culture clash is the subject of the indie short film “The Kids Menu,” pitting a young mother (Nyle Lynn) on a mission to get a kids-friendly menu against a steadfast, traditional pizzeria owner ("Soprano's" प्रिय Vincent Pastore).

Directed द्वारा Paul Borghese and penned द्वारा Richard Vetere, the film has become a stand-out on the festival circuit,...
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Lately I've been in a decade kinda mood. I've made लेखाए for my प्रिय 90s and 00s TV series/movies and am in the process of doing a 90s movie one. Since there is no decent club for the 10s yet and it seems a bit presumptuous to make one now, I decided to post this लेख here. Of course I already made a मतदान that nobody answered, so logically making an लेख that nobody will read is the अगला step. Enjoy!

This was such a great movie. So great in fact, that I didn't even need a stellar cast to get me to go see it. The premise alone was intriguing. I know this is a remake,...
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 Marianne Bourg
Marianne Bourg
European actress Marianne Bourg is earning some big laughs in America with appearances in Universal Pictures “Neighbors” and the indie-flick “Helicopter Mom.”

A mix of Luxembourgish and French, Marianne studied at the Luxembourg National Academy of Dramatic Arts, Cours Florent in Paris and then at the विश्वविद्यालय of Cambridge before moving to Los Angeles. She recently debuted on the big screen in “Wizardream,” starring Malcolm McDowell, and also appeared in the Japanese film, “Gun Woman.”

Marianne recently took time to answer a few सवालों about her latest projects.

Holly: Can...
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posted by goatfacewwe
 Cena's reality becomes real
Cena's reality becomes real
John Cena: Yo,yo,yo,yo It's your Boy John cena AKA the face of WWE, AKA the leader of the cenation. Now आप all know that I प्यार Cars I प्यार them so Much that I was cast In need for Speed as a Extra. My प्यार for cars goes along way back to before I was even in डब्ल्यू डब्ल्यू ई And If u didn't already know I was in Gillette young बंदूकों celebrity race and डब्ल्यू डब्ल्यू ई Slam City Has me as an auto Mechanic so u know it's legit but anyway enough about me and my प्यार of cars here's how I got Cast in Need for speed.
Tobey Marshall: I need another mechanic and I know डब्ल्यू डब्ल्यू ई superstar John Cena would be perfect as my partner.(calls John)
phone rings
Cena: Hello?
Tobey: हे u John cena.
Cena: U know it
Tobey: U down to help me on set as a film extra
Cena: sure but who's this?
Tobey: Tobey Marshall I'm the तारा, स्टार of need for Speed
Cena: Aww I प्यार that game I'm in.
 John cena as Extra Mechanic(uncredited)
John cena as Extra Mechanic(uncredited)
 Virtual Cena
Virtual Cena
 Cena's Real reality came early
Cena's Real reality came early
Watch I Am Number Four Online free या see it on the big screen. If आप are a प्रशंसक of Alex Pettyfer या the pretty face of Glee, Dianna Argon, then आप should definitely not miss to watch this movie on both. I for one have seen the movie on our local theater and I can truly say that the experience is so worth it than to see the film online eventhough it is free.

But then again, since I प्यार the movie so much, I crave to Watch I Am Number Four Online daily thus I खोजिए the net regularly for the best sites that offer free online viewing of फिल्में without doing any surveys that has hidden charges. So if you'd ask whether I have found some site that lets me watch the movie for free, I would definitely say yes. Where then? Check out the link below.

posted by kikavika13
So आप went for a romantic movie. आप watch the whole thing, except for the toilet break. And the ending is just the same like 3 फिल्में आप seen before. WHY? It does have a reason. Romantic फिल्में are for people that प्यार romance and live for happy endings. Happy ending is a thing that make the movie a good romantic movie, in a way. It's और a woman thing, than a man thing. Happy ending is a RULE of romantic फिल्में and adds Romance to the movie. Just like an action movie needs loads of movement and action itself. कार्टून MUST be animated. Comedy needs to be funny. फिल्में are for entreating people. फिल्में have a rating, but there is NO POINT going to an action movie, rated द्वारा a Girly Girl. Also, if a Romantic movie is rated द्वारा a man, it will not give a good effect.

KikaVika/MultiCartoonlover for Fanpop
Film Courage: Where did आप grow up?

Karan Choudhary: I was born and raised in a small town called Faridabad in India. I’m the youngest in a close-knit family of five along with my older brother and sister. At the time of growing up, tv was the only medium for us to be connected with the big cities lifestyle and to the rest of the world, except there was no electricity for most of the time in my town. Schooling wasn’t very interesting to me and I was always afraid of my father to do well in my exams. I wasn’t the kind of kid who would watch कार्टून all the time. खाना was the only interesting...
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posted by SentinelPrime89
Oh my God....zilla! Caught the grand opening of the film and it was epic! It was dark. It was gritty. It was realistic. The CGI was as real as it could possibly get. The story was really good and it fit the kind of story आप would find in any of the old Japanese films. The characters were genre cliche'd (soldier, nurse, monster expert, military general) but that's all part of the magic of reliving your childhood.
Also, the action scenes and monster fights were really well-done. The only flaw I saw in the whole film was some dull अभिनय bits, primarily from the lead.
I give this film a 9/10.
 Molly Ratermann
Molly Ratermann
When tragedy strikes, how a family deals with the ordeal can make या break them forever.

The new indie film “Bring Me An Avocado” from writer/director Maria Mealla, explores how a family and close फ्रेंड्स deal with a mugging gone wrong that leaves a young mother in a coma.

It recently premiered at Cinequest, tying for the ‘Audience Award’ and earning praise for the performances. One of the stand-outs in the film is actress Molly Ratermann, who brought authenticity as the grieving but well intentioned sister who steps in to give the children a sense of normalcy.

Molly has been rising up...
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posted by greyswan618
Here are the nominees of the 90th Academy Awards,which will be handed out on March 4,2018 on ABC.Congratulations to all the nominees...

'Shape Of Water,' 'Dunkirk' And 'Three Billboards' Lead Oscar Nominations

Complete सूची of nominees:

Best Picture.....

Call Me द्वारा Your Name

Darkest Hour


Get Out

Lady Bird

Phantom Thread

The Post

The Shape Of Water

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Christopher Nolan (Dunkirk)

Jordan Peele (Get Out)

Greta Gerwig (Lady Bird)

Paul Thomas Anderson (Phantom Thread)

Guillermo Del Toro (The Shape Of Water)...
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 Wis Petter
Wis Petter
Most filmmakers tend to gravitate towards creating either fictional narrative projects या documentary fact-based films. Once in a while, a filmmaker might stretch outside of their comfort zone and work in another type of filmmaking.

Enter rising Hong Kong female filmmaker Wis Petter, who has been successfully jumping back and forth since landing in Hollywood. For her, they’re both about telling a strong story.

Currently, the writer/producer/director is prepping her latest narrative short film THE DONOR, set in the underground world of the organ black market. She recently premiered the docu-short...
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बैटमैन and Harley Quinn is a 2017 animated film. This film is a comedy film instead of a dramatic action film.


Batman is trying to stop Poison Ivy and Floronic Man from getting all humans in danger. Since Harley Quinn is best फ्रेंड्स with Poison Ivy बैटमैन and Nightwing team up with Harley. Batman, Nightwing, and Harley become a odd, but heroic trio who try to save Earth.

This film is actually a comedy film. It's very silly, but in a great way. This is 1 of the funniest and most enjoyable बैटमैन films that I have watched. The film is fast paced so being bored isn't a problem. The plot isn't...
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Movie reviews generally aren't my thing, and I don't spend a lot of time पढ़ना them let alone लेखन them, but Snowpiercer was one of the best फिल्में I've seen in years. Here's the synopsis:

In this sci-fi epic from director Bong Joon Ho, a failed global-warming experiment kills off most life on the planet. The final survivors board the SNOWPIERCER, a train that travels around the globe via a perpetual-motion engine. When cryptic messages incite the passengers to revolt, the train thrusts full-throttle towards disaster.(TWC-Radius)

It sounds like a run-of-the-mill dystopian thriller. It sounds...
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posted by WritersMelody
Why is it necessary? I don't understand. I'm not talking about words like "damn" या "ass." Those are crude but not as offensive as the ones I am thinking of. Since I don't swear, I am not going to start now द्वारा saying them. I don't think I really need to.

It takes away from the experience for me when a movie that is otherwise very good, with an interesting plot, a talented cast, and excellent scenery and special effects- think The Departed- is littered with the f-word.

Does it really add that much to the film if there's a lot of swearing in it? In my opinion, absolutely not. I don't understand why a screenwriter would choose to employ them when there are so many other words in the English language?