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posted by laurenmichaela1
On her way home, MIchaela saw a box on the doorstep to the old abandoned house down the street. She went over to pick it up, but she felt it हटाइए and heard something whimper. She ran home; careful not to shake it up to much. When she got home, she set the box on her bed,and opened it; only to find a kitten! She had short silky white and नारंगी, ऑरेंज फर and grey ears. "what? how did आप get there?"Michaela asked surprised."don't आप have a mama?"
"mama?" the kitten squeeked softly. "WHAT? NO! ... heehee... i mean no... i'm not your mama..." Michaela said, clearing her throat. she picked up the kitten;...
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