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posted by PrettyQueen0_0
OKAY, to start out....I would like to start out with a "DID आप KNOW"

~DID आप KNOW?~ A chimpanzee can notice itself in the mirror but a NORMAL monkey cant?

Well I have been studdying, and I have noticed that whenever a monkey gets in the mirror, it scratches its head and feels as if the monkey in the mirror (itself) is MOCKING him!
A chimpazee will take about 10 सेकंड्स to say "HEY! Thats me!" But will a NORMAL monkey notice? NO!

Monkeys have a very small families!

chimps can be very sensitive and fragile! Whenevr आप see a gorrilla on tv या in the zoo, आप think of something mean and fightful...
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