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Michael Jackson amazed प्रशंसकों with his moonwalk for the first time at motowns 25th anniversary. He was a big influence to lots of his प्रशंसकों including me. I reall wish I would have met him but he was 36 द्वारा 1995 and I was being born then. while michael was taking care of his son in 1998 I was stuck in the hospital with luckemia which is a type of cancer. I wss sick for five years. Michael would visit sick kids in hospitals. I wish that he would have came to see me. Michael continued to amaze people with his moon walk, dancing talent, and गाना talent. He wasa a true legend and he touches my दिल with his music. I प्यार michael for his personality, and loving heart. Michael had a painful childhood and so did I that is something we both have in common. Michael will always be my inspiration. I hope to see him in heaven. I hope to become a singer and dancer like michael jackson. LOve आप michael forever in our hearts king of pop.

My life will never be the same
'Cause girl आप came and change
The way I walk
The way I talk

I cannot explain the things I do for you
But girl आप know it's true
Stay with me fulfill my dreams
And I'll be all आप need

Oh,oh,oh,oh,ooh,it feels so right(Girl)
I've searched for the perfect प्यार all my life(All my life)
Oh,oh,oh,oh,ooh,its feels like(Like I)
Have finally found her perfect प्यार is mine(See I finally found,come on,girl)

You rocked my world,you know आप did
And everything I'm gonna give(You rocked my world)
And there ain't nothing we could find
Someone like आप to call mine(You rocked...
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